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Demo lap times!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mitja Bonca, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. What times are you guys doing on the single demo track?
    I did 1.22.4!
  2. Thats a very good time :)
    What are your sector times?
    My record is 1:23.4 in qualy and 1:23.7 in race.
  3. I don`t know about the sector times, but this lap was done in the race. Actually I did a couple of laps to do a setup and one race (actually 2).
    In the afternoon will do some more tests, and post sector times too.
  4. I've done a PB of a 22.9 at this stage.
  5. The only time i have done after 2 lap's was a 1.24.7**
  6. Anyone got any tips for setting up the car? I've got no clue and the only thing I have changed is steering lock and fuel loads.
  7. PB is a 1.22.792

    Lowering the Caster helped me, so too with the Camber
  8. I've lowered my PB to a 1:21.745 :)
  9. That actually made me slower :{

    THe things I found that helped me were increasing brake pressure to 100% (duh!), moving brake bias more to the front but that's all I've done so far. I've never properly driven an FWD car so I don't really know how to set them up. I found that lowering front ARB slowed me in corners but allowed me to get better corner exits.
  10. I made some laps with a quiet good setup and i did 1:20:8XX
  11. I do 1.21.1....but must mod setup to do better:D

    @ludwig - could you do upload your setup??
  12. Ok but not yet i still working on it ;)
  13. 1:22.3, could break into a 1:21 with more setup work, I'm waiting to get the full game though and no RD servers on the demo no more so don't feel like playing it.

  14. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Check again :thumb:

  15. Nice, thanks, will be giving the demo a go again later :cool: :thumb:
  16. 1.20.960!

    ps: 1.20.849
  17. 1:23.989 is my best, but I've only learned the track and removed some fuel. I'll see what I can do with the setups to improve, but I don't think I'll catch you guys, you're really fast!:)
  18. The really fast times are reached by cutting 3 times in the chicane.
    It would be cool if you drive without cutting at least online. :thumb:
    Some people are 1 sec faster anyway and if they gain another sec by cutting, the races are boring for slow but fair drivers!
  19. Don't judge so early, it's possible to do 20's without cutting :) (even 19's in full game with faster cars)
  20. Hi there Sander :), it`s nice to see ya around!
    Exactly, tell him!