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Demo doesn't detect CSR pedals

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Andre Wilms, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. So I finally downloaded the demo and wanted to race, but the demo doesn't detect my CSR pedals!

    The wheel (Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel EU) and the pedals (CSR Pedals EU) both from Fanatec work like a charm for RACE 07. They're perfect!

    But both RRRE and DTM won't detect the pedals. The wheel got detected, though.

    And help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. How are they connected? To the wheel or via USB? (afaik the CSR pedals doesn't have USB but you might have the Elite pedals for all I know).
    If via USB try another USB port, my CSR Elite pedals work fine with the demo.
  3. The pedals are connected to the wheel. Only the wheel is conntected to the computer via USB.
  4. Might be a driver or firmware issue, look into updating both. Other than that there's also the PC/PS3 mode on the wheel, check the manual to see how you switch between these modes, might be that it doesn't work with R3E in one of them.
  5. Driver and firmware are up to date. But I noticed something odd: the DTM demo thinks I have the "elite" wheel from from Fanatec. Which is wrong as I have the cheaper version. Maybe because of this error the DTM demo can't "see" the pedals, too.

    If I could just find a way to change that darn steering profile. Am I blind or is there really no option to create a new profile?
  6. Not sure about DTM but there sure is a way in R3E, at work now so I can't check how though but I reckon it should be similar in DTM.
  7. Peter

    who cares Premium

    What you need to do first is in the video description.
  8. Hmm .. thank you! What a bummer. At no (!) point I have the option to name/create a new control profile (in both DTM and RRRE)!

    I deleted the "device_statistics.xml" and "menu_controller_options.xml" to make sure the program forgets about old settings and started the DTM demo. At some point when the game starts, there's the info "Device connected" (might be a bit different as I'm translating that German message into English). So I click any button to continue. And then there's a huge message dialog on top of the main menu saying:

    "Fanatec CSR Wheel
    Device found. Profile loaded."

    I have the option "Yes" and "No". That's it. I can't create a profile here. And there's also no text field to name a profile. It's just this message and two options. As "Fanatec CSR wheel" is right, I say "Yes". So now I'm in the main menu. And it says:

    "Chosen Profile:
    Fanatec CSR Elite Racing Wheel" (which is wrong, I have the normal one)

    And in the steering profile it says:

    "Missing devices:
    Clubsport Pedals"

    The behaviour is pretty much the same in DTM and RRRE.
  9. Hmm, do a file check or even reinstall the game? Sounds weird that you can't create new steering profiles, should work fine.
  10. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    just double click on the throttle and press the pedal it will bind after that repeat for brake and clutch and anything else you wish to ; once this is done it will auto create a csr wheel custom profile

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  11. Thank you - that worked! And also huge thanks to Paul and the SimBin support guys (whose messages don't appear here anymore?!?) who came up with the solution, too!
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