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It has been deleted don't you know.

  1. blackcelica submitted a new resource:

    Driver Racesuits Bumper Pack - Various themed suits for mix and match needs. Some with numerous helmet colours.

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  2. Hey could I make a request for a 60s version of the cobra suits? :p

    And what about the "real" Steve McQueen helmet (like my profile pic)? :p
  3. Hi, I have the plain 60's Steve McQueen helmet for myself which I can upload. As regards to the helmet in your profile pic I've seen it before somewhere. I know I've got it but I didn't do it. If I remember correctly it was with a Gulf branded lotus 49 which you could search for. When I'm home later I'll find the link to it if you can't find it.
  4. Gulf Lotus.jpg
    This is my racesuit but not my helmet.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2014
  5. 2014-10-08_00009.jpg
  6. Thank you so much :)
  7. You're welcome.
  8. A suit and a glove are not usable
    Please fix it
  9. Those racesuits are for the old driver model, check my downloads and you'll find all the suits re-done for the latest driver model RC1 and newer.
  10. OK
    Thank you