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Degrees Of Rotation

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Ales Nocar, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. How will be made this in version v1.0? Lets say I will set wheel to 900° but car ingame will have for example 400°? Will be there some FF bumper or the wheel will be loose? Maybe some unique AC solution? :) I dont like if I have to set the wheel for each car separately.
  2. Nah, same as with netKar pro: You set 900° in the profiler and the game will set the correct rotation for each car you are currently driving automatically. It`s the best solution imo.
  3. So there will be some strong FF bumper on maximum lock so I dont turn more then car ingame?

    I dont know how it is in nkpro.
  4. Yeah, nK PRO just allowed you to set it to 900 degrees which would be used for the Vintage GT car but automatically reduces the lock to 400 when using any of the single seaters. It's still actually flawed because when you're driving a single seater, if the car goes into a slide and you try to correct it, there is no soft lock for 400 degrees so the FFB can make the wheel go beyond 400 degrees and make it impossible to correct.
  5. how often do you throw the wheel round 3 rotations ? Im playing race 07 just now and its set up like that but i have swerved that and put my steering up to 70% which makes me steet faster in the game i play.. steering angle? might work. i dont know.
  6. This is what he´s been asking since post 1 it seems :)

    I have no idea Ales, hopefully they will run similar to what iRacing has, which runs a FFB-stop at each end nowadays.
  7. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium

    barry100 You have degrees of rotation and steering ratio. You should always set the appropriate steering ratio when setting rotation. There are never 3 rotations even on 900 deg. You can drive F1 car with 900 deg without a problem.
  8. Can anyone help with my degrees of rotation issue with the G25? I actually had it working earlier but I had to re-load both AC tech preview and my Logitech profiler. Now I can't get the tech preview to synch with my G25 so that I have 900 degrees of steering. I set it to 900 in the logitech profiler but every time I go through the calibration in the AC tech preview and "turn the wheel 90 degrees to the right" it then determines 200 or so degrees lock to lock for the g25. Is there something I am missing? Manually setting the slider in the preview doesn't seem to help any.
  9. Try to restart your PC and connect/disconnect your G25.... or try to uninstall/install the drivers... I don't know...Did you search a similar problem in the official forums? If you din't find any report the problem there.
  10. Sorry-- I fixed this but did not post the update. The issue was I had re-loaded the profiler software but I did it with the G25 plugged in through the USB to the pc. I uninstalled it, then unplugged the wheel from the pc tehn re-installed the profiler software. When the new software was searching for peripherals I plugged in the g25 to the pc and it all worked fine at that point.

    Thanks for your post trying to help.
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