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Degrees of rotation

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Steve O'Malley, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. I read a lot about degrees of rotation ad how the G27 has 900, which is apparently very good.
    However, I use only 214 degrees and set the steering angle in Rfactor to usually somewhere around 25 degrees.
    Most set ups people send me are using a far less degree of steering angle which to me means they are having to turn the wheel miles.

    Does the degree of rotation directly affect how far you turn the wheel and what does anyone recommend as a good standard?
  2. It really is upto the person driving. I have a friend who uses a 180 degree wheel (90 each way) and he can run the same steering lock ingame as myself (I have a g25 set to 540 (3/4 turn each way) and use around 21). The actual turning is rFactor is the same for both of us when on full lock however as I have more range on my wheel it takes me longer to get to full lock but I can be a bit more precise.
  3. Very interesting question. After I re-installed my G27 driver yesterday, I decided to change the degrees of rotation. Put around 500º, and it was way more difficult for me to handle the car. It takes much longer to turn. Even when I reduced the steering lock to, say, 14º, instead of 21-27 I used before, with 270º, but it was still very uncomfortable for me.

    Maybe it's just a matter of driving style. I didn't see any of you driving in your homes, lol, but I'm probably smoother on turning the wheel and handling it than most drivers around there, so for me it's best to use smaller degrees, while increasing steering lock. It probably applies for you too, Steve.
  4. people turn the steering angle down because if on a certain track you only need to turn your wheel 3 quaters of the way around then 25% of the steering rotation is useless and wasted so if you turn the steering angle down you will use more like 90% of your wheels rotation with about 10% left over just incase.
  5. Too high steering angle in game can cause you to have a very twitchy car as you enter corners and then oversteer mid corner. I usually go for something around 12-17 degrees depending on what car i'm driving. Usually a faster car i would use less steering angle, such as 12-14 on F1/GP2/LMP cars and then Touring/GT cars i'd use 15-17. I have seen some people go as low as 9 degrees for single seater sets. The whole point is that most of these drivers use low amounts of steering lock, i use 300 degrees for example. So it gives a better feel. Also remember more steering angle doesn't mean your car is gonna turn sharper. It just allows you to catch a slide. Use too much and you scrub the fronts away. If you never slide your car you would use less steering angle, which is why single seater sets can go so low, becuase the downforce sorts most of that out. Then for touring cars/GT cars theres a bit more going on with the back end of the car that you have to manually correct, hence more steering lock. I hope that clears it up for you?
  6. This is a thing that i don´t even understand.
    When i set the profiler to 900° and ingame -if present- to 30° or if i set the profiler to 300° and then ingame to 10°, i have still the same relation. But what is the mean difference between 900°/30° and 300°/10° ?
  7. 900/30 and 300/10 will feel just as responsive as each other but the in game degrees is how far the wheels of the car turn lock to lock, so when you have 300/10 it will be just as responsive as 900/30 but you wont be able to steer as tightly
  8. Personally, I use 540 degrees of rotation with about 19 on the setup. This is what I would call a "realistic" steering ratio i.e. its what you would get in a real touring car or somewhere near to it.

    However as many have said, its personal preference and depends on the type of cars you are driving.
  9. I run a G25 and I think I like to have full lock at about 100 degrees R or L full rotation. I can feel the stops and sometimes when in trouble, I push through them slightly.

    What do you mean by 19 on the setup please?

    It took me a while to find what worked for me. I don't reference the steering wheel on the screen at all and it's aprtly blocked out or turned off in most cases.

    [On an aside Interesting in F1 2010, I cannot feel the stops and having just got that game, I'm still trying to work out my setup]
  10. 19 degrees of steering lock in the car's setup.

    Also, pushing through the stops will achieve nothing as you have already hit the maximum lock
  11. I started out with 270 degrees as the wheel I had only went that far and had about 16 in steering lock.
    Then I went with 360 degrees and reduced to 12-13 in lock and finally now I run 540 with 18 in steering lock.
    It's really all down to feel but I've noticed that my driving has improved the bigger the lock I have so I would recommend anyone if you want to 'go bigger' to try it in steps to get the feel right.
  12. Thanks Jeff !

    I appreciate pushing through the stops is useless [maybe even bad in the long term, ??? In any case I try to avoid that. I'll continue to tweek my setup I think.
  13. i use 540 for GT and touring cars, 270-320 for single seaters.
  14. At 540 I recently switched to 24 degrees. Was around 18 before but I mainly drive f1 and gt's and they usually have a more direct steering...
  15. Is it possible to change how much the steering wheel in the cockpit turns without causing online mismatches? I hate seeing my in-car steering wheel turn more or less than the wheel on my desk.
  16. Of course it is possible :) Just open the Controller.ini file from rFactor\UserData\YourName and find the line "Steering Wheel Range". The value after = is deegres of rotation, by default it should be: Steering Wheel Range="270". You can change 270 to any other number ;)
  17. Or you can put it OFF :D
  18. I would, but sometimes it's got important dashboard information on it. Like in Formula 1 cars, most of them have the gear display, speedometer, and shift lights on the wheel. Turn the wheel off, and you lose all that.
  19. Oh yeah, you're right ;)

    It happened to me with the LMP's...

  20. use the HUD?