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Definately not the worst online game I have ever played.

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by BillyCokebottle, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. OK I have been messing around with this game for almost a week & it's definitely not the worst online game I have ever played. But it will be one of the most expensive Pay as you Play online racing games by the time it is finished.

    The game may be nothing to download but that is pretty much what it comes with too. There is virtually next to nothing bundled with it & the cars & tracks that you want & need are about $4- $5 bucks each. It doesn't take long to rack up a huge bill & you never really get to physically own the game. You just rent/lease it from SimBin & for this reason I feel that it is way too expensive. Actually a game like this will never finally be finished will it? There will be always something you need to buy!

    Also, all of your game purchases (tracks,cars,accessories) have to be made through the STEAM Wallet process using PAYPAL or similar. And I don't know about you guys, but it has always been a gamble for me dealing with STEAM. I have never had much luck with Steam & money & there have been glitches this time too.
    Then when something EVENTUALLY does go wrong (without Fail) your on your own waiting Steam Support with a
    minimum of 8 to 10 days turn-around wait for their first reply. Then after you reply to their first reply it's another 8 to 10 days until they get back to you, & so on & so on. Steam Support is so bad that it is a Joke (as long as you don't need it that is).

    IMO the game is great physically (driving physics that is) but the prices need to be dropped.

    My only other real issue (& this is a personal gripe) is with the game content.
    OK,,so they released an Australian track & that's great news to have someone actually even bother to think of Australia when it come to car racing games for a change. Usually Game makers don't rate Australian Motorsport enough to even bother. Add to that the relatively small population & if they don't see $$ signs then we get nothing in the way of Australian content down here. We generally just have to make do with what the rest of the world likes..

    But even so, there is still a problem,,, there is No Australian content to go with the Bathurst track,, where's the Aussie V8's?
    You European & American guys love your Bimmers, Mercs & Corvette race cars etc. & would kick up a fuss if you only had Aussie cars to play with.
    We feel the same way having to drive only American & European cars. How hard would it have been to release at least one Aussie car with the Bathurst track? It's like giving a Kid a new Pushbike for Christmas but then taking off the wheels.

    Also, the game graphics look good too, (except for the in-game menus which are clunky at best) but who came up with the almost invisible white writing on the Big Green Button idea? That Sucks
    I must admit it is fun & because of it's great physics it is very addictive but it does get boring real fast racing NO-ONE but the clock & your ghost after a while.
  2. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    i understand your comment on pricing racking up the tracks will be expensive , as for cars it depends how you look at it ...... if you wish to compete in a multi class race or a race with many different makes in that class(gt3) then you only need to buy the car that you wish to run. So that does bring the price down a little

    As for Aussie content i have no idea about that side of it
    As for the steam side of it i understand your position, i also dislike steam but lots of companies seem to be going this way ....

  3. How do you figure this,"you never really get to physically own the game. You just rent/lease it from SimBin" . I am not aware that you must pay them a monthly fee, like a other sim requires. So once you own the content and have the game installed its all yours. You dont need to keep paying them to play it.
    You honestly sound more peeved off about there not being much Aussie goodies than what you sound about the actual sim. give them some time, as far as i am aware there should be some Aussie cars coming. Or thats what i have previously seen somewhere. Remeber, its only a demo right now and there is alot more to come.
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  4. Doesn't all software work like that? We don't actually own it - we only pay for the rights to use it so long as we adhere to the license agreement. In that sense, RRE is no different than any other title.
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  5. how can you play it online? where is it? must be good? nobody havent try it...
  6. online... hmmm. what is online?
  7. Awww. Must been all that beer i drink... lol
  8. :confused:
  9. Must admit having now spent £15 on content i haven't touched the game in 3 weeks. There's nothing to do. I CBA trying to shave thousands off my laptimes. I want to bang wheels with either the AI or some unlucky sod online.

    Also for that £15 looking at it now..... i feel cheated. I bought 2 cars and 2 tracks..... FOR. FIFTEEN. QUID!!

    Disgrace really. Buy a copy of Gran Tourismo or Forza for £40 and you get 300+ cars and 20 odd tracks.
    What are we really paying for? The servers mainly.

    Edit: I also commented on a SimBin Facebook status asking for some more content rather than announcing 'licence deals'. It was swiftly deleted. :cautious:
  10. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    you do know there is an Ai mode ? its in single player , click on track and the options are there

  11. But its not racing. We buy a racing game to race. Or is the 'experience' limited to the racing experience you get at a track day?
  12. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Yeah I agree. Feeling pretty let down by the whole r3e so far. Huge wasted opportunity!! I'm still hoping ill have to eat my words but looking less likely as time goes on.
    Where's the bloody multiplayer mode? That would go some way of sparking some interest.
  13. Exactly. But for whatever reason in a month we have had nothing but 1 or 2 announcements about licences. Which we will have to pay a pretty penny for.
    My biggest grumbles are the pricing of content and the lack of content. The game itself in its purest form is great.

    Alternatively if i had invested that £15 in pCARS i would now have full weather and day/night dynamics, multiplayer, 35+ tracks and 60+ cars.

    Ever had the feeling you have backed the wrong horse? :cry:
  14. Double post.
  15. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Yeah I'm with you there. I'm only a junior member and missing out on lots of content. Do you know if its possible to upgrade to the next tier or do I have to buy it again?
  16. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    to get the content you are talking about your investment would have had to be the full price (in pcars) multiplayer will come to r3e ; as i remember from the first release of pcars until it had multiplayer was well over 6 months (closer to 12 i think and then it was unplayable with cars strewn across the track as people left and airborne collisions etc etc)..

    so give the game time to get to these points and then compare /criticise

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  17. It may have taken months for multiplayer but in the meantime the game released regular updates/builds with new cars and tracks. All for one price.
    If your a junior member you have to wait for a month to get hold of them.

    Yes R3 will get multi-player.... but at what cost? 90vRP to access online? 250vRP to set up an online league? 1000vRP to access career mode? Oh and that career mode will need X amount of tracks. Another £50 buying all those (unless the Free2Play mantra still applies and you can have a 12 season championship with a 1 make series on the 3 Raceway layouts. Exciting stuff!).
    The way things are going so far i would not bet on charges to access it.

    Have they never wondered why the leaderboards have 80 people at most on them? No not because it's a (alleged) beta or it's not advertised enough, because it's too expensive!

    You can sit there and say it WILL have this and it WILL have that, but until they put in place a business model that will lead to sales i can tell you what they wont have.... Any customers.
  18. The problem I have is that there are (in my opinion) better sims out there that cost less money. iRacing is the only sim that costs more, but iRacing is providing a lot more at the moment as a complete package. The main competitor to Raceroom is perhaps SimRaceway, who provide everything aside from the cars for free, many of which can also be aquired for free, you're coming down to paying that extra money for RR just to have some slightly better graphics and a more flashy UI, and a whole lot less racing going on.

    It is early days for Raceroom though, seeing how it comes on in the future might swing things more into the area of reasonable value.
  19. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    @ Bryan , i never said it will have this or that , but reading press releases then it has been mentioned ; i agree the biggest issue is track prices for many people , and i have no idea what will happen later on in the games development cycle as to pricing and content bundles , im just going to wait and see and do my best to pass on comments and hope everything turns out for the best ... and if it doesnt as its not an essential thing in life then you can choose to just not invest in it.
    This game has the possibility to be very good so lets hope it fulfils that

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  20. I am holding off until multiplayer comes along. If they do charge for multiplayer, then I am sorry, I will stop playing R3E. I haven't bought anything as I am waitign for the multiplayer and if it is well done and FREE, then i will be glad to buy some content. At least they don't charge you a monthly subscription... :rolleyes: