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Default Fuel Setting issues

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by PeterB, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    As far as problems go this is a minor one but very frustrating...........
    This is my second and third track, Calabogie Motorsports Park........it is a 5.41 km or 3.07 miles long.
    The track is split into 3 parts..The full track layout and an east and west track layout.......
    I have done the full track and the east track..........

    Default fuel on both tracks is the same....9.5 gals at 33 laps.....

    So something is wrong on the full track......should show 15.2gal at 33laps

    Full track is 3.07 miles long
    East track is 1.71 miles long

    East track is perfect......11 laps of fuel and you get 10.9laps...
    Full Track.....................11 laps of fuel and you get6.5laps...

    Fuel consumption is right on both tracks.........It is just that the full track tells you that you are going to get more laps than you get........

    I hope I was able to explain the problem so it is understood.......

    The Question is ...How do I get the right settings to show for the Full track in the game?????

  2. hi, ok, dont worry about maaaaannn, you have to edit the "fueluse" line, sited inside .AIW file, after all my test, values between, 70-95000 are quite suitable, change it and test.

    I mean that you want to get, is a right relation between the value that you set in Rfactor´ Hud, (the fuel loaded) and the real fuel use, right?, I say this because, there is another parameter that sometimes I have had to calibrate, which is inside the "engine" file of the MOD, ok, inside there are two lines, one where the fuel consumption of the car is established, better not to modify, but there are another line, which establishes, how the rfactor´s HUD is "taking the fuel", i think it is something like the "fuel use" inside AIW file, aaaaand you maybe find differences between different MOD.

    ......................or that is what I think, I invite all of you to test this, :)

  3. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    I always calculate the fuel use like: 15 x laplength.
  4. I knew this might be a little hard to explain...............Fuel usage is bang on..........

    it is the relationship between fuel and milage that is off..........
    The game is saying I can go 33 laps on 9.5 gals of fuel when in fact it takes 15.2 gals to go 33 laps.......
    How do I get it to show 15.2 gals instead of 9.5 gals........for the 33laps
    Or to get it to show 19 laps for 9.5 gals..........
    Either fix should work fine........
  5. hi, yes, that is, try on me, change the line I said above, and test it, try a 90000 value for your full track.

    I m looking forward for your news

  6. Your The Man.......hehehehe..............

    I changed the settings and loaded to wrong track ............I'm a dummy.........

    It worked perfectly...........

    Thanks again
  7. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    5.410m x 15= 81150. 90000 could be good indeed.
  8. I ended up with 80000...........which worked to within +3/4s of a lap.......I suppose I could play with the numbers so it starts to run out right at the start finish line..........But I am happy with what I have now........You always want a little more.........
    Thanks again
  9. hi, Erwin`s Method could be a good Start Value.

    Keep in mind, that probably your 80000 value is good for the Mod which you have used to make the test, but in another Mod, there will be differences, I m sure, because I tested it,( one or 2 laps more) if so, you should have to "refine" the MOD engine file, the line I mentioned above, aaanddd I m completely sure that getting the right value for MOD engine file, will not ensure that the MOD`s fuel consumption in another circuit, will be the same, cause, the value of circuit, maybe not be accurately calculated.

    I mean that you should calculate all the parameters for each MOD and circuit, mmmmm, I have to test if I set the same value in engine file of aaallllll the mods, will ensure that, hum, interesting....

  10. hi, tested the universal value: no satisfactory results.

    Erwin´s method is quite accurate, thank you.

  11. HI, hum, after testing 9 circuits, I have to say that 15 is not as suitable as i said, better 13, but i think that it is better to test the track, althought it can be good start value.

  12. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    I think the fuel use varies between 12 and 16. Depending the mod (high or low performance cars) or the track (fast or slow).
  13. HI, yes, I do agree wtih you, this is very variable, because once you adjust the AIW fueluse using a MOD, the same circuit for other mod may differ, solutions:

    1- changing the Aiw fueluse parameter?, no, very bothering
    2- Changing the MODS engine file fuel use parameter?, Better in my opinion, but it does not guarantee differences in other circuits.

    So choose the option you want.

  14. thanks for this.
    It has been of great help since I have the same problem with my tracks.
    However, I´found that the rule of thumb doesnt work with my 34km track. 34000x15=525000
    That gave me a consumption figure of 60lts/100km on the Alfa Romeo of the Historic mod, which seems a lot to me. Then I checked the file on the Nordschleife and is around that (525000) so I raised my values since my track is bigger and got worse results. By trial and error I came up with 101000 as a good number, with fuel consumption of around 15lts for the Alfa, which I think is closer to what it should be.
    But it is the "fueluse" line the one you have to change, so again thanks!