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Dedicated Server Problem

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by OldManGamer, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. I have searched this forum and used Google to try and find help, but no joy.
    I bought the disc version of Race On. I have installed the game on my
    gaming PC just fine. I installed it another PC on my network to run
    just a dedicated server. Steam will not let me use the same account to
    run the server and then start steam on my gaming PC to join the game.
    (says that the account is in use)

    If I start the dedicated server with an alternate Steam account, it
    shows Race On as not purchased. Surely I do not have to purchase
    another copy to run just a dedicated server. Any help will be appreciated.

    Sorry my first post is with probably a stupid question.
  2. I have had the same problem and fortunately the solution was very simple. To start off with it doesn't matter if you are logged on to your Steam accoung on the gaming PC, just start Steam on the DS, log in and start Race07 Dedicated Server, set it up the way you want it and all of that.

    Go back to your gaming PC, log in (again) and start Race On. What then happens on the server is that you get the message that the account is in use elsewhere. Just close that message (if you want to) and keep on working as usual. If you want to restart the DS you will get the "Log in again"-message when you try do start it. Well, the first time, that is. Just try to start it again and it starts up, no problem.
  3. I had this problem in the beginning but realised that starting Steam in Offline mode on the dedicated server allowed me to be 'logged in' in two different locations.

    Start steam on the dedi making sure you are all downloaded/updated whatever needs updating. Then click File and select Start in Offline mode or whatever its called there. Steam will restart but in offline mode.

    Setup and start your dedicated race server.

    Go to your local PC where you are playing, launch and sign into steam as normal.
  4. Hum, this does work on using your own Steam account, but for our community we have already a community Steam account logged in permanently on Steam on the Dedicated Server.
    It is not really an option to log it off, even shortly to allow me to get the Race On DS started on my account.

    Is there really no alternative way of running a DS without Steam or having to purchase it a second time?
    How do people with only FTP access to their dedi box install a Race On DS?
  5. You only need to be logged into your Steam account to download and install the game. Once you have done that you can then start Steam in offline mode (in Steam menu). In offline mode you can run dedicated server allowing you to login with the same Steam account elsewhere to play.

    This is what we do.
  6. True, but we already have a Steam account logged in. You cannot run steam twice, one online and one offline.

    A Team Fortress 2 or Left4Dead(2) server can easily be 'detached' from Steam itself. We have 4 TF2 and 10+ L4D(2) servers running.
    Can the same be done for Race On?

    IMHO a dedicated server must be able to be installed multiple times on a single box. Otherwise it can never support a proper community.
    It would be quite stupid if I need to buy a second Windows Server to get a second RaceOn DS up and running...
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    The community already is alive and kicking for three years so don't worry :)
  8. lol, never meant to attack this community of course :)
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I know, hence the smiling puppet ->:) But you have a point of course. It's quite strange that you need to have a full game installed in order to host it.
  10. On the same box no but you can run offline and online on different boxes with same account.

    You can run multiple DS's on a single box, we run 4 Dedicated Server games on some of our Windows Servers and we have 4 physical servers in total. We run them by logging into our steam account in offline mode.

    If I'm missing the point here then please explain further but I'm not sure why you cant run DS and your actual Race On game with the same steam account so long as they're on different physical boxes.
  11. Sorry for the off topic post - just had to say - like the new haircut Bram!!!