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Dedicated server info needed

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mark Greenall, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I was wondering what is required to have my own server for hosting races for RD members. I have 60mb download and 6mb upload speed, is this all thats required or am i missing a crucial something?
  2. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium Member

    This is all you need as far as I know:
    From the Race07 support page
    Q: What ports is needed to host RACE on the internet?A: TCP+UDP 48942 – 48957 and UDP 26900-26907

    Q: I am on a firewall protected LAN network and want to a RACE server for other users of the same LANnetwork, what ports do I need to open?
    A: TCP+UDP 48942 - 48957 and UDP 48958-48973
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  3. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Keep Yoga real Premium Member

    There is a stand alone D/server found inside the tools section of steam to download, just fire it up and make your settings, it had default cars and tracks as standard, if you wish to use mods just install them into the folders of the d/server. it will appear after you use it for the first time.
    This way you will not suffer from any lag problems or delays in your own car which can be experienced from running the sever from inside your own game.:)
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  4. Thanks guys, The lag you mention i had this on 10mb connection. Everytime a car joined i had bad screen lag for 1-2 seconds. it ruined my own experience. thanks.
  5. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Keep Yoga real Premium Member

    That could also be how you have the sim set as to when cars appear, i think there's an option to only allow cars when you return to the pits .. ie You see somebody has entered the room you will not see the that car until you return to the pits even if hes out on track. This mode also give's less lag on your car.
    Maybe thinking of a different sim as i cant seem to find the setting im looking for.:redface:
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  6. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Car's do not appear before you have gone back into pits by default. I do not believe Race07 has temp car's or something like that. They will not appear in any info list, standings list, trackmap, or whatever. Only on track, they are visible when you pass them (or they pass you).
    Lag as you describe it, is most likely caused by the server to run out of resourses. Open the performance tab of your Task Manager on the DS, to see if thats the case. R07 has a heavy dedicated server, which requires a lot of resourses. Especially when loading tracks, or people join.

    In upload speed, not much is required. It's only synchronizing positions, which is not much data. The most comon problem with lag due to upload speed, is in the stability of the connection. You need to keep a steady available upload, to host a lot of cars. On single dip in connection, can cause a lag spike. This drop is hardly noticed during normal internet use (browsing), but can be seen doing a long download. The download speed sometimes drops for a second. Those drops can cause lag as well, if you are running on a low upload.

    6mbit, if it's a bit steady, can easily host a 25 grid server.

    Please note that we do not approve in using the Racedepartment name in a non racedepartment server! I read you want to race with other RD members, which is fine offcourse, but please remember to not use the Racedepartment name ok.
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  7. No probs mate i won't. And thanks :thumbsup:
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  8. David Buxton

    David Buxton
    Premium Member

    All my ports are open but still have 5002 ping on the server lists.

    I have a BT Home Hub 3 and on BT Infinity.... Many years ago on the "1st" and "2nd" hubs I had the same problem but cannot remember how I over come this problem...

    Any ideas?
  9. Good to see you around again Dave, hope to see you doing sime race07 events.

    The dreaded 5000 ping - sure there's threads about this, if you can find them.

    In the meantime - you do have the ports for client machines and not just dedi server open, I seem to remember different ones? Make sure its not just you getting the ping, as (rarely) it could be everyone and not just you, worth mentioning as its soo frustrating to change all sorts, onlyy to later find the problem was not at your end.. If your able to check firewall logs (both software on your pc and in your hub (if it has them) you may find what's been blocked in there. Could the hub be blocking the ports? Could the hub be forwarding the ports to the wrong ip on your network - if youve previously hosted and have set it up and ip has changed that could possibly cause it. Have you switched everything off then on again after creating rules - sometimes rebooting the pc AND hub can make the rules start to be applied properly.

    Just a few ideas to hopefully help - hope you've already solved it.
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  10. You need to have a static IP address on your PC and set port forwarding to that address for the required ports on your router. Make sure windows firewall is not blocking connections.
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  11. David Buxton

    David Buxton
    Premium Member

    will have another play now

    Thanks for your help!
  12. Hi Guys, I Need Hellp. i have router D-LINK DIR-300NRU rev.B7. i open ports on router i see dedicate server but cant join and i see server has high ping some one can hellp please?. regards ika:)
  13. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Check your IP forwarding. Make sure it points to the dedicated server. As long as you have the high ping, you can;t join, and have a security problem.
  14. ajokay

    Real-ish Racer

    Hi all.

    I'm having similar problems. We've started using Race 07 over at www.ReallyRubbishRacing.co.uk and I've been hosting a dedicated server on my own PC. We've had anywhere between 15-20 of us in races on Sunday evenings (GMT).

    All during the week with usually around 10 people online, the server is fine. No lag spikes, no jittery cars. Perfection. Come race day, 60 minute practice as we wait for everyone to join... Still no lag. Absolutely fine.

    Then we start our 25 minute race. The first 5 minutes or so tend to be fine. Pings between 30ms and 60ms. After that tends to follow a 10 minute period where the pings jump wildly, some up to over 200ms (whilst others can remain down at 30ms), which obviously makes racing very difficult and causes incidents.

    After 10 minutes or so it usually settles back down, the race ends, and the second 25 minute race usually continues without a hitch. There might be the odd hiccup here or there.

    I'm on 60mb Virgin Media cable with over 6 upload, using their SuperHub. I've got every single Race 07 and Race 07 Dedicated Server port forwarded that I can possibly find.

    As I say, races between 5-10 of us are always problem free, but once we get out full compliment of 15-20 drivers or so, everything begins to fall apart. I refuse to believe it's any shortcoming with the game. If then-brand-new software could handle 25 player races on the internet speeds of 7 years ago, I'm sure a 15 player race wouldn't trouble it on the computers and internet connections of today.

    As you guys race week-in, week out with full grids, (I'm assuming you do so trouble-free, else people wouldn't come back week after week), is there anything I've missed that could shed some light on my latency issues?

    Many Thanks,

    I look forward to joining you guys for your mid-week club races once my current season is over in a couple of weeks!
  15. Jempy

    Premium Member

    I guess your problem is mostly the possible total connectivity:

    an example of remote dedicated server and it already is a cheap one.
    Connectivity1 Gbit/s
    Internal bandwidth1 Gbit/s
    Internet bandwidth guaranteedPremium 150 Mbit/s

    I doubt your own PC can allow this.... and this is surely your problem.
  16. ajokay

    Real-ish Racer

    Thanks for the info there Jean-Pierre. How does that explain that the race runs smoothly for the most part aside from the 10-15 minutes of high lag and spikes?
  17. Jempy

    Premium Member

    The only thing I can think of, as once again I'm not an expert, is maybe a problem of internet stability in your connection.

    I suppose you also drive on your own server. Maybe a part of the problem too, maybe a problem of priority, maybe upload and download of informations at the same time....etc...

    Well, anyway, for me these are all ...guessing ... you'd find surely a more technical information searching a bit on the Web.

    As you mentioned, a dedicated server on your PC works fine with 4-5 players and that's mostly how it is used when doing a personal server.
    15-20 drivers are surely much too many for such a server.... with the consequences you mentioned.