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Database Decreased Tyre Wear + 10x Flashback 1.0

F1 2013 Database Flashback Tyre Wear

  1. BlazingRiCO submitted a new resource:

    Decreased Tyre Wear + 10x Flashback - F1 2013 Database Flashback Tyre Wear

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  2. Would you mind explaining how you reduced the tyre wear in the database? Just for the sake of knowledge. Also, thanks!
  3. So you open database with the EGO Database Editor. Then you go to the f1teams tab and look for front_tyre_wear and rear_tyre_wear (shown in the screens I've added). There you can just edit the values.
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  4. Much appreciated, Im going to play with this right now! :inlove:
  5. Feel free to edit the values yourselves or whatever suits you all ;)
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  6. You, my friend, is a life savior!! :thumbsup:
  7. Thanks for this! Quick question though. Will this corrupt my save like in F1 2012?


    Never mind. Just tried it and it doesn't. Thanks again!
  8. I didn't noticed any issues since its not an important thing in database. If I deleted a team perhaps then you'd have a corrupt savegame.
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  9. Is there a difference between editing values of front_tyre_wear and rear_tyre_wear instead of editing values on the track_tyre_wear_level category?
  10. By the way, would I need to restart my Career, or restart a race within my career for these changes to take effect?
  11. Sorry to ask so many questions, but I don't see/feel a difference in Career mode. Is it working on Career?
  12. No need to restart your career, that's for sure. I actually don't know if you need to restart or just can continue within the race and mod will have effect.

    EDIT: does not seem to work in career mode indeed :s Damn Codies --' It does work in Grand Prix mode
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  13. Damn that's a shame. I wonder if there's a workaround to take care of tyre wear in Career
  14. Oh yes I just tried it and noticed no change in tire wear to previous levels. I edited my own database with the values given in both the 25 and 50% just to be sure, hopefully its just a matter of editing another set of variables? But thanks for the effort all the same!
  15. I have a solution for career mode. Instead of editing the values mentioned, go to the 'tyres' tab and change the 'max_distance' percentage to a higher value for the tyre you want to last longer.

    Edit: After further testing, this doesn't work, although I thought it did at first. My apologies.
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  16. Will try that now, thanks! Will report back once I have raced to first pit :).

    -- Just in-case anyone was wondering -- I tested them by increasing wear so I didn't have to spend too long racing for 25 mins. I lost 1.5 laps. So it works as auro said.

    I changed each tyre for uniform increase values of + 25%.

    So; as seen in original database (always to two decimal places)
    Supersoft = 24.29 now 30.36
    Soft = 34.7 now 43.37
    Medium = 47.71 now 59.63
    Hard = 60.73 now 75.91
    Inters = 47.71 now 59.63
    Monsoon (Wets) = 60.73 now 75.91

    I simply found 25% of 24.29 on the calculator, then added that to the original value, so for example;

    25% of 24.29 = 6.0725, *I then added 6.07 to 24.29 (remember, two decimal places only) which returned 30.36 for the Supersoft tyres. To keep it safe I then used the same method for increase for each tyre type so there is still uniform behaviour in-game.

    You'll notice the wet tyre's carry the same values for Medium and Hard. +25% increase distance is equivalent of *gaining* 1.5 laps per every 6 laps on the *super soft tires.

    I used a calculator.


    *Sorry fixed typo's confused myself it's 3 A.M in U.K.

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  17. for sure a solution or just a possibility?
  18. drive at barcelona or budapest to test, if its possible.
    the tyre wear is terrible at these tracs
  19. Tested it last night on several tracks, it works.
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  20. and after i edited it can continue my actually career? =O