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Decrease my top speed or increase top speed of AI

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by stash, May 25, 2014.

  1. hi,
    i play game stock car with ai strength of 90%. with this settings i have good competitive races with AI. But there is one thing which is a bit annoying when doing my races.

    i'm talking about the top speed. i'm nearly every time faster on the straight than AI and therefore it is easy to overtake them at the end of a long straight. on the other side i the AI has no change to pass me on straights. Even when they are really close behind me on a long straight they can't manage it to overtake me because i got higher top speed.

    is there a change to adjust my top speed. i'am not really an expert with setups, i always race with the default settings. maybe there is a way to decrease the top speed of my car in the setups. or is there a change to increase the top speed of AI a bit.

    is there a change to solve my top speed problem without changing the difficulty setting of 90%?

  2. You're driving too fast. Slow down.
  3. I dont know why on earth you would want to slow down. Just turn the AI up and eventually you will gain some more pace and be quicker.
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  4. Thanks for your answers. normally i would agree with your post but the ai is just fine for me for difficulty 90%. I have good battles in corners ... but only on long straights the ai is not competitive because of top speed. Therefore I hoped that some setup experts could post something how to change car-setup to decrease top speed.
  5. Lower gearing or increased downforce will both lower top speed but as Troy stated I wouldn't do it for the sake of going slower, just increase the AI strength.
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  6. I have the same issue. It seems to effect me most in quali - I either have the AI slightly lower, and qualify up the grid and then end up blitzing the field in the race, or setting the AI to something more competitive [92-94%] for a good race but I just cant get a good lap time in quali and end up down the back with no chance of a top 10 result.

    I think this is likely down to my own patiences mind. I like to have a race event done in an 1 - 1.30hr, and don't take the time to learn tracks in quali to set a good time
  7. It's hard to get good lap times without knowing the track ...
    In Qualy, times are generally better (inlcuding AI's) because it's like a different car setup for the race, for example fuel for 1 or 2 laps, less wing and more camber in addition to tires that may be specific to this section in accordance with the category you're running.
    If you are a casual player, you can skip the step of Qualy and set your starting position for the race.