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Decision on the career

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by DikiDino, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. I'm at the point where i can't decide.

    After season 1, i know knockout my Rival (Hamilton) and at the end of the season most likely McLaren will offer me a contract but i figured it pointless since i can't get through season 3.

    So my plan is

    Season 1 with Lotus

    Season 2 thru 4 with a mid level team

    Season 5 thru 7 with probably RBR.

    Now at this point with lotus. I have offer from Toro Rosso with 10.5mil contract as Driver 1.

    Or i'm near to having Team India to offer me a contract which most likely gonna be Driver 2 and lesser amount.

    I believe Team india is a tier above STR. So should i get to Team india or STR since i may stick to this team for 3 season.
  2. Why can't you get through season 3?

    The money means nothing really as you can't do anything with it. Being driver 1 or 2 only makes a difference if you renew a contract and stay with the same team next season, as you can dictate the rate of r&d development if offered driver 1 status.

    I've had seasons with both Force India and Toro Rosso (both as driver 2), I preferred Force India myself, plus I won the Championship with them.

    Hope this helps.
  3. don't forget car performance varies over seasons in making this decision. Technically you could stick with Lotus and by season 5-6 it should be on the top performance levels like RBR and Mclaren
  4. I think i've read from somewhere where it mention all team will sort of level up through new season. But for the top rated team, the figure seems a tab better or something.

    Its like each team have 5 level and so far the highest is 750 or something. But the lowest tier team highest number is 745. Not so sure if that number has any real difference.

    BTW: I hate the look for the lotus. The car is just ugly to me. Just my personal view. I think Virgin looks nicer compared to lotus. :D
  5. Can't you take the offer from mclaren, and set your teammate as your rival, and then beat him to get a contract renewed?
  6. I think the rival selection is only within the drivers that is around your standing at the point where they slap us with the question on who to choose as our rival. Not sure anyone tested that but base on all the thread i came across seems to suggest that the team u join after beating your rival will not give you a new contract because of the reputation.

    I think the rival thinggy is just a step where it give us access to higher tier team when we dont have enough reputation rank.
  7. That's what happened to me. In my first season I was with Sauber, and chose Hamilton as my rival as he was near me in the standings. Despite only having a reputation of 19 at the end of my first season, I got an offer from Mclaren as I beat Hamilton in the standings. I think I read on this site somewhere that you normally need a reputation of 35-40 to get an offer from Mclaren.