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Misc Debugging options mod 1.0

Enables the debugging options menu

  1. minimaul submitted a new resource:

    Debugging options mod - Enables the debugging options menu

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  2. Thanks minimaul. This was the one I was waiting on the most!
  3. Great! Thanks for your job. :thumbsup:
  4. can you plz explame to me what is this? i cant understand how it will help me . thank you
  5. Alain Becker

    Alain Becker


    Great work i just have one question : When i call the SC how can i "undeploy" it again?
    I mean let's say after 4 laps because i don't want to do a whole race behind the SC :)

    Thank you
  6. Finally a safety car! After 1 or 2 laps there's a message: "safety car in this lap". Awesome work!
  7. I've discovered that this mod also adds a full season mode to the Grand Prix menu in the game which is an awesome bonus!:D It allows you to custom design your own season by number of races and different order of races:cool:. It also allows you to randomise your selection choice of grands prix to race.

    I've tested it at the first two tracks of my custom designed season I set up - Brazil and Singapore. The race pace seemed to be correct for the 2014 cars by their tier, however qualifying was all over the place and seemed very random. The Mercedes AMG cars, for example, qualified 6th and 11th in Singapore but went on to finish first and second in the race. Also it was nice to see a Red Bull win a race for a change in this game, just as they have won a few this year in the real F1, with Ricciardo winning the Brazil race in this mode in my game.
  8. Is their any FPS drop with this mod??
  9. Alain Becker

    Alain Becker

    @ naim I didn't saw any FPS drop using the mod but i got a new PC so i didn't checked it yet. Will do that today and see if i get different FPS :)
  10. Short answer: no.
  11. Without this mod, you also can customise: it is the standard feature.
  12. I have forget to backup the files...
    can any one send me the original states.bin file?
  13. Let steam check your files, it will download default and replace all modded files.
    Always make a copy of the whole game, buddy, it's even written in the HOW-TO.
  14. Rename states.bin.txt to states.bin

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  15. Hi, when i turn on the rain, i can drive good with the wet tyres. Need to do some more?
  16. Hello,
    i love this mod and it worked perfectly ...
    But since i installed another few mods i wanted to deploy the SC and nothing happended ,so i reinstalled the vanilla F1 2014 and if i want to deploy the SC ,but still it still does not work or it takes up to 2 Laps until the SC comes out ...

    Any help ?
  17. what does "demo weather'' mean ?
  18. You need to wait for the track to get wet - it won't straight away.

    It doesn't seem to do anything. I don't think it worked in F1 2013 either.
  19. Hey all,
    I have a question. After changing the whether from rainy to clear and the tyre compound from wets to option, would it change the tires of the AI as well ? I dont want to give myself an advantage by switching tires I just wanted the weather to change.
  20. When you set the weather to clear during a race the track will still be wet. You'll have to wait for the track to dry for it to take effect. This means you'll want to stay on the wet tyres until the track dries.