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Misc Debugging and Top/bottom Teams Options 1.8

Enable debugging options and choosing top teams for career

  1. Winner submitted a new resource:

    Debugging options menu - Enable hidden debugging options

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    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
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  2. Nice find ... will give this a try :)
  3. It works. Thanks. :cool:
  4. Work for Legend Difficulty also ?? Thanks first :)
  5. Thanks for this! When activating the toggle animated flashbacks to off I lose racing sound, does this happen to everyone?
  6. I have been having bugs with flashbacks and loosing sound after...so not related to this mod. I like the "safety car" option. Will check this out.
  7. This mod just makes the hidden menu visible so unlikely to cause bugs that are not already there in the game.
  8. That's what I experience only after enabling the skip flashback animation, so for me it is this mod. Too bad because the animation has annoyed me for years!
  9. From using the debugging options, you can tell ai don't pit like 2012. After setting the weather to wet from dry, ai take a while to pit unlike 2012 they pit when they are before the pitstop.
  10. And how did you do that to convert the text xml file to a BIN file ? Cause I was busy with the same mod but only that prevented me from completing it....
  11. Where does this file go exactly?
  12. In the systems folder within the F1 2013 install path just above the video & tracks folders Rage. ;)
  13. Thanks a lot!
  14. Yes. Happens to me 2. So I won't use it anymore, I guess. Nice to have this mod back in this earlier this year, though.

    Infinite flashbacks don't work either, but that can be done by editing a database entry, thanks to Ryder25's handy editor.
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  15. Winner updated Debugging Options Menu with a new update entry:

    Working infinite flashback option

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  16. Wow, enable flashback working, you are the best.
  17. Thanks, is working
  18. Very nice :)
  19. Will it be possible to use Heavy rain in time trial mode? Can this be done?
  20. Can, will include in next update.
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