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Debating on whether to buy a Thrustmaster or Logitech racing wheel for my pc.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dodle, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. I recently decided that I want to get a racing wheel for my PC, and maybe for my Playstation 2. I have asked about a Logitech wheel over at the Logitech forums. There are two wheels that I am looking at right now: The Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel and the Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel. There are some nicer wheels out there, but these two are within my price range. But, I am having trouble finding some information on them. The more expensive wheels list the steering rotation on their specs page, but neither of these do. I don't want to get a wheel that only rotates 90 degrees. Does anybody have any information on the rotation of these wheels that they could share with me, I would appreciate it very much.

    Some things that I like about the MOMO wheel: Has both paddle and stick shifters. Foot pedals are carpet slip resistent and appear to have a wider base than the Ferrari wheel.

    Some things that I like about the Ferrari wheel: I compatible with PC, PS2/PS1, and PS3. Less expensive than the MOMO wheel.

    From their pictures both wheels look like they are made very well. Thanks again.
  2. Unfortunately both of these wheels are low rotation, Dodle - in the region of 240-270 or so lock-to-lock.

    The first option for a 900 degree wheel would be the Logitech Driving Force Pro; although if you decide that it's too far out of your price range, I would go for the MOMO of the two that you've highlighted.
  3. Thank you for getting that information to me. I'll settle for 240-270 degree rotation, especially for under $100. I've just heard of some wheels that only turn 90 degrees, and I don't want that.

    Thanks for your recommendation. The only thing keeping me from purchasing the MOMO wheel this second is the multi-platform compatibility for the Ferrari wheel. I've got GT4 on PS2 and would love to be able to use a wheel. But I do really like Logitech.
  4. Actually, before I make a final decision I'm going to check out the Driving Force Pro. Sorry for the double post.
  5. Get this wheel:

    Price is within your ranges, it's pedals are great and FFB is good as well.
    Rotates 270 deg
    belt driven FFB
  6. Btw, the thrustm,aster GT Experience doesn't have FFB. It has Vibration Feedback.
    Thrustmaster GT Force is very good :) Imo better than any Logitech offer except DFGT and G25. But DFGT has worse pedals.
  7. Thanks Johan, I will definitely consider this wheel. Force Feedback would be cool to have, but the motherboard I currently have in my PC does not support vibration feedback, so I doubt that it supports FFB. Although, hopefully I will be upgrading to a more powerful mobo soon. The pedals do look really nice.
  8. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    I think FFB is controlled by software, not any hardware on the mobo Dodle
  9. True. Just install the wheel in the USB port/. Install Thrustmaster/Logitech/whatever brand software, and FFB/Vib feedback works. Motherboard doesn't matter here..
  10. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    I've just received my Thrustmaster F430, well about 90 minutes ago. Very nice wheel. The wheel is heavy and solid, the buttons are responsive, and the FFB is strong. Very strong in fact.
    I was using a Logitech Formula Force EX, which I thought was an ok wheel, with good FFB. WRONG! I've had to turn the FFB down, as it's too strong at the moment :p
    The table clamp is good, though it does allow a very small amount of lift at the back of the wheel, though this may be because I have a very deep worktop as a desk.

    The pedals on the F430 a luvverly too. They have a very nice resistance to them like a real car, unlike the Formula Force, which have no resistance at all. The pedals also have a much deeper base, and a very comfortable position for you feet.

    Has it affected my driving? Well I went back to Nogaro, the course for the RD mini race last Friday, and site of my latest DNF (damn that pit wall!) After just 7 laps getting used to the F430, adjusting FFB etc. I managed to go just over 2 tenths of a second faster on a still scrappy lap. The wheel seems to want to turn in a bit earlier on the corners, and I seemed to carry more speed through some of the corners too. A long way to go for my driving, but I'm very happy with the new wheel :D

    No clutch though. Just FYI :p
  11. Nice one mate ... hope it helps getchyas some speed.
    For me there was a huge difference between my old Logi Momo Force and the G25, main two areas were FF (eg. I can now feel what is going on so much better and can catch slides a lot better in RWD, especially GT cars). The major difference though was in the pedals ... especially the brakes, I now have so much more control in the braking areas than I had in the past.

    Once more thing ... does this interesting button turn you into the Stig?? :giggle:
  12. It's 5 button in 1.
    For example. Set it to the blue thingy and press it, is 1 button. Same with the others :)

    Has both a manual and automatic mode. Manual you hjave to press it. Automatic, just switch it and it works, (but not useful if you go from CST to the blue one)