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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Nox, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Just picked up AC today, setting my wheel up.

    Is there some way to set a deadzone on the steering axis, please?

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. Not that I can see.

    Why on earth would you want to set up a deadzone in your wheel? That's the one thing sim racers go out of their way to avoid :unsure:
  3. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Because I don't have a very good wheel, and it's a bit old. When I center it, if I don't have a 1 or 2% deadzone it's hard to keep it straight. Until I can afford a new wheel, it's a compromise I have to take, giving some stability to straight line driving. It's such a tiny dead zone it doesn't make any difference to the cornering, etc, just stops the wheel sort of wobbling when I hold it straight.
  4. Understood.

    Well, there's no way to create a deadzone in the game that i can see. Perhaps the gamma or filter settings might help a little.
  5. Nox

    Staff Premium

    I see those, but have no clue what they're supposed to do exactly.