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Deadzone on FSR's mod ?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Dian Kostadinov, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Hello. I tried to put some deadzone on my gas pedal and the brake one, cuz have some issues with the potentiometers and when tried to do something like Sensitivity on them or Deadzone in Controller 1, nothing doesn't work. Please help.
  2. What is it doing? Jerking or late on response ?

    I was about to say to put sensitivity for the axis up, at least that's what I did when I had issues when it was not reaching 100% If you have problems that throttle is giving throttle when you are off the throttle then lower sense rate ofc. However you say you already did that, well then only one solution left is clean pods, or if you are to lazy for that buy new pedals.:D

    I think you should explain what's going on with the pedals, with speed sense you can do a little bit to but that is also effecting other stuff like turning.
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  3. Yeah the second problem I have, when I lift up the brake or the throttle and then it gives me some extra 10-30%. Tried to put deadzone, but this deadzone is equal to sensitivity, it's not to cut first few cm's of my pedal. But yeah, tomorrow will clean all potentiometers and pods, I hope will be okey after that.

  4. I had this like month ago and i ended up switching brake pedal and clutch pedal. If its just one of the pedals u can do that. Or clean/replace pots.
  5. I use the clutch pedal for brake because is soften than the middle one the original one. Original Brake pedal is OK, because is not used, you think will be okey if I change potentiometers from Brake pedal to the Clutch pedal, or I have to change something else..
  6. So do I. I just had gas pedal spiking so i swapped it with brake pedal and change the springs. Didnt even change the wires between each other. Just gotta remember that brake is actually gas and vice versa. You can also just swap the pots but this seemed easier for me so i did it this way. :)
  7. I've cleaned the potentiometers and now is way way better. Thank you for the help !
  8. Thanks Chris, for now everything is alright, if something went wrong again will try this program. :)