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dctoe Hello!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dctoe, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone! I am dctoe (Toby) and I am definitely new to all of this. I own and play Assetto Corsa on my laptop. (Yes Laptop!) :unsure: Always up for discussion on that. I am most surely a noob, but come from a long history of sims. Starting with Gran Turismo v1 to current v6, SimCity, The Sims, Train Simulator, Farming Simulator, and so on...

    I look forward to sharing experiences and friendship with everyone here. And don't worry if English is not your language. I know how to use Google Translate and I am smart enough to figure out what it is trying to tell me. :D (Stupid computers. I love them!) Just don't get insulted if it misinterprets what I try to say back. :)

    Current Machine Specs:
    Dell Inspiron 3521
    Core i3-3227U (Ivy Bridge) 1.90GHz
    Windows 8.1 w 8GB Ram
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    LG W1952TQ (16:10) Monitor (when I play AC)
    Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Wheel