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DC helmet designs

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by DennisCaressa, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    there you all go ;) all my helmet designs for the moment.

    Gen 1.
    DC_helmet mclaren 2012_black.jpg
    Gen 2.
    DC_helmet williams 2012_1.jpg
    Gen 3.
    DC_helmet mclaren 2012_Monaco.jpg
    Gen 4.
    DC_helmet mclaren 2012_ESP.jpg
    Gen 5.
    DC_helmet lotus 2012_black.jpg

    download link: http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/9da0d8

    I changed all the old helmets actually so I think nobody wants to back up their files of thoose helmets :) PLUS I putted in the file the frontend too so you can see the little thumbnail helmets in your career ;)

    I hope everybody likes the designs and for request's you can allways ask via PM ;)

    NEW DESIGNS that im working on ;) NO DOWNLOAD YETH!!
    DC_helmet mclaren 2012_GB.jpg
    DC_helmet mclaren 2012_BE.jpg

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  2. Nice work, i guess ur from belgium?...
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  3. good guess how can you tell that :p :D ahahahaaha lol
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  4. wonderful, many thanks :)
  5. your welcome ;)
  6. Nice helmets.
  7. thanks man
  8. thx for the helmets, how can u put the thumbnails ingame?
  9. just open the frontend map/file take the nonpersistent put it in your frontend map of F1 2012, overwrite it and voila ;) you will see it in game ;)
  10. i was asking about how did u do that? with photoshop? cause i'm having trouble with remembering which gen_ helmet is which lol
  11. yess with photoshop
  12. thanks.:cool:
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  13. Gen 3 is the best one I reckon
  14. looks great :)
  15. thanks man!!
  16. that's my monaco helmet ;)
  17. thanks dennis looks great i have a question can you make me pleae a spkyker f1 variant of the helmets with 'Orange and silver please?
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  18. I can try ;) you want your name on it?
  19. yes when you do this and thanks
  20. ok will do send me your name that you want on it via PM