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Tracks Daytona RC 1.21

Daytona Road Course 1.21 for rF2 converted by SJ

  1. _SJTracks submitted a new resource:

    Daytona RC - Daytona Road Course 1.21 for rF2 converted by SJ

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  2. It's a great track that has it all, except for ... pitlights on entry and exit of the pitlane. We need those in online racing, starting the qualy and such. Could those be added please?
  3. Any chance of this being ported to other games, maybe Assetto? With a little tweak to the grass and some object masking, oh goodness, the atmosphere will be great. Good to finally see a better conversion of SimRaceWay's material.
  4. Track Map has an option to display lights which works great for tracks that don't use pit and/or start lights.
  5. I have an issue that I wonder if it's from the game, but when resuming from replay the skies can "break" presumably from the changing weather/clouds. Also the AI will slow down when crossing the S/F line when towards the right side of the track.

    Are there any planned improvements to the textures, specifically the grass? Or the rendered image when on static cameras? There are lots of white spaces around the track.