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Misc Database Spa 1.0

Database 2015 based on whole serason

  1. krsskos submitted a new resource:

    Database Spa - Database 2015 based on whole serason

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  2. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    I think you forgot something

    Williams-putting 3 options and 1 prime tyre
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  3. I don't understand what your words mean
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  4. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..


    it was a joke anyway
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  5. what did you change, "speed_in" and "speed_out" in ai_driver? did you use EGO Database Editor, right?
    Then "Speed_in" means acceleration and "Speed_out" means breaking??
    I was editing this two parameters thinking that means the "speed in the beggining of a corner and the speed in the exit of a corner, but IDK.
  6. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    for car handling, you need to open the .ctf files, in the balanced folder for AI and track folder for player. You need to edit player.
    To give the car straightline speed, reduce the car's overall drag. You cana also do this in EDE by adjusting engine power, though this is per manufacter rather than per team. Didn't try the team engne power ones yet, so not sure if they work.
    To give it less cornering speed, adjust the front and rear wing values. Lower is worse, see how low you need to go by comparing Mercedes with Marussia.

    unfortunately, AI don't get affected by the wing values. Not sure about drag but I think they do actually. Still, I know the engine values in the database work.
    To adjust their performance, virtual performance works the best. You can do it team wise and driver wise. About speed in and speed out I have no idea.
  7. I ve written it only for info how car it was only for show you that I tried really to show speed and braking do you really think that I will show completely certain performance on front of page after it will be no chance and no sense of downloading this mod
  8. Ok no problem, you don't have to explain me that. I have edited the database many times, testing some parameters in the race, like you. Anyway I've downloaded your database and I'll prove the changes.
  9. Hello Krsskos
    Your mod is very nice, but i have a little problem with your database.
    I think, there is too much different between mercedes-ferrari- bottas and redbull-lotus-force india-toro rosso. 2s is too much and the 6 cars are always in the top 6. Is it possible to change something, or to say how i can change this.
    Thanks a lot
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  10. Hi, can this be installed along with Mr Pibbs 2015 season mod?

    Thanks Richard
  11. Siema, kocham twoje mody. Czy to dziala z Lesley Buurlage Mod 2015? I moglbys zrobic Database tak jak bylo pod koniec sezonu? Moje propozycje na tier's byly by:
    Tier 1: Mercedes, Ferrari
    Tier 2: Force India, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Williams, Lotus
    Tier 3: Sauber, McLaren
    Tier 4: Manor
    Fajnie by bylo, jak bys to zrobil. Dzieki :)
  12. Zrobiłem już final 2015 mod i zakończyłem projekt
    Jestem skupiony teraz na projekcie 2016 gdzie narazie będzie:
    Tier 1: Mercedes, Ferrari
    Tier 2: Force India, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Williams, Renault
    Tier 3: Sauber, McLaren, Haas
    Tier 4: Manor
    Jestem w miare zadowolony i na gwiazdkę debiutuje wersja beta Będzie to sezon 2016 ale będzie brakowało paru tekstur. Mod mowwinien być kompatybilny z modem lesleyego od wersji 2.5.1

    I am now doing anodjer project that 2015 is finished I am doing 2016. At Christmas wersion beta will be realised. I know that some textures will be misssing but it will be fully playable.2015 mod is compatible with lesley mod since 2.5.1 version
  13. Where i can download it?/Gdzie moge ten mod zsciagnac? :)
  14. Mówie że będzie na święta
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  15. Ok dzieki
  16. Andrew

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