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Misc Database Mod 2.2.2

Update to the Database, real 2014 team and AI performance, 2015 season, Rain chance and more!

  1. Martin Larsen submitted a new resource:

    Database mod - Update to the Database

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  2. I was in doubt. Now Williams, Red Bull, Mercedes has the same performance, or mercedes still the best?
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  3. Mercedes is still the best team, Williams and Red Bull are 2nd and 3rd best. Mercedes still have a little gap, but its very close between red bull and williams
  4. Yeah, I know... I changed to Mercedes engine, I said that in the original database they didnt have Mercedes, they had Renault engine. But thats changed now!
  5. Wow, Codemasters have Williams running Renault engines in their database? It really is a 2013 copy and paste job...

    Thanks for the mod.
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  6. One more question . You left the AI faster ?
  7. Just thought I'd point out a few things you've missed - ToroRosso have a Renault engine (Ferrari in your db), Marussia have Ferrari (Cosworth in your db).
  8. Hi good mod, works great :thumbsup:, i would like to edit the database of F1 2014 with mine personal touch, the first thing that i tried is increase the Williams performance to make it compete with Ferrari, i tried to put in tier 1 and adjust the virtual performance at the same level of Ferrari but it didn't worked, Alonso was 3rd in the grid, Bottas 6th, Massa 10th and Raikkonen 8th but at the end of the race the Ferrari were 4th and 6th while Williams 9th and 10th with more than 30 seconds between last ferrari and first Williams so what i've done wrong? I would like even to edit the individual driver performance, i found the page with all driver stats (aggression, concentration etc..) but i don't know how to distinguish drivers, because there is no name in the row... The last thing that i want to do is the edit of the engine power because is a no-sense that a Red Bull can overtake a Mercedes just with the trail and reach 340 Km/h on Hocheneim :confused:, so i edit the engine power to begin i tried little modifications (Ferrari decreased from 800 to 780 and Renault to 775) but nothing changed, i even tried to increase a lot the Mercedes power up to 8000 but still, nothing changed, could you help me? Thank you very much for your help :thumbsup:
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  9. Martin Larsen updated Database Mod with a new update entry:

    Database Mod 1.8

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  10. The database is just one part of making a team better, after you have changed the tier, virtual performance and stuff like that. Then you have to edit the car tunning files to make the car better.

    Driver changes, then you just open the ai_driver, and yes there show name of the driver. In column number 9(think thets the name, sorry for my english..:p ) its called: ''name''. There you see all the names, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and everyone

    And for engine power, then there does nothing to change engine power in f1teams. But in f1teams you need to change the williams engine_manufactor to 2(thats Mercedes) And then you go to Engine_Manufactor and there you can change the engine power

    Hope you understand...
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  11. The Williams should be slower than RedBull
  12. Thank you very much, i will try later when i arrive home :thumbsup:
  13. Would you be able to make Fernando Alonso faster than Kimi, as in real life?
  14. Alonso is faster then Kimi normally, apart from that season I took the screenshot ofc... :p
  15. If you see the screenshots from version 1.8 then you can see that Red Bull was number 2 in construction, and Ricciardo was 3rd overall, just Nico and Hamilton in front om him
  16. In a 50% race at Hockenheim, I started 22nd as Rosberg and finished 2nd, just about 2.5 seconds behind Hamilton, Bottas was third with Ricciardo fourth (could have won this one, me not Daniel :p ) My strategy was rime-option-option-option, think most AI were basically the opposite of that. Is this right? I don't know it just felt to easy even if it was in a Mercedes! AI were on Expert.
  17. Well, I haven't done aything to the difficult levels, but if there is more people with this problem then I can always try to make the expert AI faster..But as I said, every difficult levels are the same as the original database
  18. Excuse me sir, but how did you get "Williams Martini Racing" instead of "Williams Racing" on the stands/results list?! Thanks!