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Misc Database for Toyota TRD F1 Team (skin) ,Sony Honda (skin) and McLaren - Honda (also skin) V 1.2.1

Japanese are back !

  1. Taira Capeta submitted a new resource:

    Database for Toyota TRD F1 Team (skin) ,Sony Honda (skin) and McLaren - Honda (also skin) - Japanese are back !

    Read more about this resource...
    - Over-powered Japanese engines
    - Broken balance
    - Vettel in the middle-pack
    - Too much Tier 1 teams
    - Super Kamui Kobayashi (Please stay in F1:notworthy:) and Jules Bianchi (Get well soon:cry:)
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2014
  2. Improvements and fixing bugs (Pre-1.0)
    +Now , Toyota and Honda are a bit hard to challenge Tier 1 team ,eg : Ferrari .
    +TRD is more stable but Honda can give out more power(than Mercedes ,of cause ;))
    ± Williams get back into bloody Tier 2
    -Skip time or simulate the qualify session might pull you down from the table:O_o:
    -Still don't know how driver's skill in database.bin works ..............
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2014
  3. I suggest using the Lamborghini mod instead of the ps4 one
  4. Is it possible to improve only Toyota (Marusia)? I don't want to destroy balance of power between teams, but I want stronger Toyota :)
  5. That is the problem of the skin's custom handling or ???? Actually the engine power didn't change the fact that the car is weak .........
  6. IDK ...... I don't quite like that and it just changing of skin (That 3 actually are but in details )
  7. I would like to have stronger AI Toyota drivers (like in this mod) but not stronger AI Honda (Caterham) etc. And I don't know how to do it:(. Can you give me some counsel please?

    By the way, your skins are beautiful:).
  8. Yes , of cause I will make another version (I am quite busy right now ... ) for only Toyota or Honda (Actually ,Kamui is just lack of power ,he drives well ) , next version a powerful Toyota maybe ...... For Bianchi !
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2014
  9. Ok, thank you :) :thumbsup:
    Can I ask you when it will be complete?
  10. I believe in this week ...... You want to keep text changes or not ?
  11. NICE:):thumbsup:
    Why not?
  12. Sorry for disappear since I got exam and kart racing ........ Now, I am working on AI(s)' engine power plus realistic gearbox (TESTING)
  13. And I know what Japanese do : Round down their engine power when announce XD ,I think Honda got 850 BHP + ,so I know why Honda-Mugen drop to bottom in-game now !