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Database for Mr. Pibb's 2013 Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by snthennumbers, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

  2. Yeah that was my bad...fist time uploading, kinda confusing. And when I first made the posting all my text formatting disappeared so it was one giant paragraph...idk what the heck happened. Thanks for cleaning that up
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  3. Could you do a database which makes available all the top teams at career start?
  4. gracias

  5. Hi man, thanks for making this mod.
    I've installed your mod and tried a quick race on Melbourne (condition of the track not rain).
    Marussia and Caterham manage to sneak both of their cars into Q2, Bianchi finally qualified in 6th position. Alonso, Massa, Button, Rosberg and Webber were knocked out on the Q1, Hamilton is way too good, just like Perez.

    Other installed mods: Mr.Pibb's 2013, Reallistic Damage v3.0; Revised Performance Mod v1.1;.....and several graphics mods as 2013 Liveries, Helmets, etc.
  6. Be careful with this sort of thing. The 2013 database file works in conjunction with other texture and language files. By using the wrong database file as a base, you may loose the following 2013 features included in my database file:

    Driver stats (no of wins/poles etc)
    Driver voice
    Driver name abreviation (required for menu files to work correctly)
    Driver nationality
    Track order
    Team order
    Driver order (within team)
    Kers enable for Marrusia
    Removal of team HRT

    You will end up with a half 2012/half 2013 mod if not careful.
  7. EDIT 3.17.13 version 1.1:
    Updated ai_driver table to reflect performance seen in Australian Grand Prix
    Team tier levels reverted to default as this seemed to cause imbalances.
    ai_engine_power_per_tier values reverted to default.
    slightly adjusted tyre wear levels (for better wear levels) for Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren in the "f1teams" table after performance seen in Australian GP

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  8. Was that a 100% race distance result snthennumbers?
  9. Nah that was just result from a quick qualifying session at run at full speed simulation...that basically just makes the game crunch the numbers in the database without introducing the player as a variable -- good for testing to see if a character is consistently out performing the field because you can run super fast forward, restart session, super fast forward again, and repeat to get a good set of results to compare.

    I also set the good and bad day chances for the Legend row in the ai_driver table to something like 0.000000001 so everyone essentially never has a bad day, but they also never have a good day...which from what I can tell gives you more consistent results. Again, good for testing :)
  10. where is the download link?
  11. I also don't see download link, where is it?
  12. "Description" - Button above !;)
  13. Is this database compatible with the safety car mod?
  14. Simply take my database and open it. Go to the "track_model" table. Find the "safety_car_chance" column. Change all the tracks to 1.

    Save and now you're compatible with the safety car mod.
  15. very nice sir
  16. Stay tuned...major AI mod being released very soon. Better than Demy's ;)
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  17. when the mod will come...?;)
  18. Next day or 3 I hope. I'm torn between waiting for v1tek's 2013 mod to see what he did with the AI (if anything), or if I should release it now. I just don't want this mod getting lost in the giant list of downloads...its a legitimately good mod and deserves to be up high in the list (not to brag lol). Was up till 3am last night working on it..thank god for 5 hour energy this morning lol...
    I'm working on finalizing it tonight and making a quick youtube video for it so you can see how the AI acts, etc.

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