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Database.bin what does each value mean

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Haemophiliac, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Has enough experimentation been done so that someone can explain what each of the vaules mean in the database file and how/if they actually effect say ai performance?

    I been using the database editing program but I am not convinced when making changes to individual driver performance it is actually making any difference in the game.

  2. I have lowered the 'driver ability in the wet' column by .25 for each driver and it has definitely slowed them down and made the game enjoyable in the wet for me as well as the dry. But something I am not yet sure of is whether the change works if you put it into a career that is already underway. The change might not take effect unless you start a new career. But I am not sure of this yet.

    I have also edited the mechanical failures and mistakes columns (lowered the numbers), and (along with raising the damage sensitivity) I am getting a few retirements in most races now.
  3. well it seems that increasing one ai drivers performance stats from just under 1 to say 3 doesnt seem to do anything at all... would be a much better game if we could mod it like we used to with gp3/4 etc
  4. It might be they're capped internally to 1. Try lowering it from 1 to 0.1 and see what happens.
  5. Most of the values seem to range from 0 to 1, 1 being the 'best' and zero the 'worst'. As an example I experimented with Alonso, changing his wet weather ability to 0.1, and he was immediately way down the field in wet conditions. So I have adjusted them all to make them competitive for me in the wet. But some of the values seem to be set at 2, so I have still more to work out yet.
    It would be useful if people could post their findings here, we might learn more quickly what the settings do. :)
  6. Another thing I have worked out is how to change the likelihood of rain. This is done in the Dynamic_environment_settings tab.
    The numbers in clear_state_ratio + heavy_rain_state_ratio + light_cloud_state_ratio + light_rain_state_ratio + overcast_state_ratio all add up to a total of 1, and the relevant track ID is listed further along the table. So you can increase/decrease the chance of rain/sun/cloud for each individual track.
  7. I tried to reduce Karthikeyan's ability. Lowered to minimum, but no changes in game. He is still outqualified all Lotus drivers, Virgin & his teammate.
  8. When you say you tried to reduce his ability, which setting did you change, was it in ai_driver tab?
  9. There is a tab called track_model, in which you can set the track grip in P1,2,3 Q and Race.
    you can also set the safety car chance per track, i think 1 is the maximum and 0 null, the top speed of the track, the tyre wear level (which is useful if you change de tyres for the korea track), the option and prime tyres for each track, brake wear, pitstop total time, etc... you can really mess with it.
  10. ai_driver -> virtual_performance
  11. I may be wrong but I think the virtual performance setting only relates to lap times when in accelerated time, and not the times the AI are actually performing when on the track. Anyone else tried changing this setting?
  12. Sounds plausable Keith.

    In which case the driver performance in "real time" is probably defined by Speed_In, Speed_Out and Control.
  13. I think so, along with their aggression.
  14. I also want to modify AI's wet weather performance but i don't know how much. Keith can i ask how much you reduced each players wet weather ability? Reduce each by 0.2? 0.05?
  15. I reduced them all by 0.25 (originally tried -0.3 but found it was a bit too easy, so adjusted it back to -0.25). BUT I also add TC assist if it rains so I may still have to tweak this as I'd like to run my career without any assists; but I'll see how it feels across the rest of the season first, overall it has definitely brought their wet weather performance more in line with their dry weather speed, so it has really made an improvement to the game for me. The original wet weather was ruining my career, I didn't stand a chance, but now I can compete fairly in wet or dry (including intermediates).
  16. At first I tried reducing 0.2 each. But I'm not a good wet weather driver and the cars behind are all over my gearbox. So probably reducing 0.3 to 0.35 each will do for me. Thanks for the tip. Now I too can enjoy wet races.
  17. I hope it helps your enjoyment of the game, I think it will. I have completed 13 race weekends and been much happier with the AI in the wet so far.
  18. good stuff guys, good to get all this knowledge out there so we can play with the settings ourselves. keep it coming
  19. I've been playing with Database myself. There are 4 tabs called: Canned_events_(...)
    Here it seems you can modify the chance on failures by the AI. You can modify them per driver, team, round or track.
    I'm still testing these values but it seems it increases the chance that AI crashes and DNF's.
  20. Nice. I'll test it too.