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Data Acquisition Plugin and MoTeC i2

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Keith Pawson, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. I've instslled the Data Acquisition Plugin which is for rFactor, however, it does seem to work OK in GSC and I can open the ld/ldx log files into Motec i2 latest version as of writing (v1.18) and for the most part all the data is there, but some parts of the dampers and suspension are missing. Is that my Motec template or is it the plugin dll that is not really working correctly for GSC?

    Also, is anyone else doing or using data anaylsis with this plugin and Motec and/or using something else?
    Is there any official word from Reiza on this i.e. do they support it or plan on having something to use or at least an official export of logs etc?

  2. I remember that on GTR², the acquiisition didn't show brakes temp. Perhaps the same thing here...
  3. I use version and apparently no problem with missing data.
  4. Thanks Antonio, but can you confirm you are getting data from GSC with Data Acquisition Plugin? If not what are you using, maybe that's my issue rather than the version of Motec i2.

    Do you see suspension data as well? That's what I'm interested in, I don't really care about the engine data, but suspension and brakes would be very handy.
  5. Sorry for the delay Keith.

    I use Data Acquisition Plugin rFactor V1.3.2 and all data on suspension and brakes are there.
    Damper Vel, Suspension Pos, Ride height, tire Load, Slide PCT, Brake temp, etc.
  6. No worries Antonio and thanks for the confirmation.

    I've worked it out, I didn't have the values selected, a bit embarrassing :redface: