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DashMeterPRO (supported titles)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Golanv, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. I have had this for rF2, RBR (and Assetto Corsa) for few years now, but I just can't seem to get it to work with Dirt Rally and Automobilista.
    I did read on these forums about as much as I could find about this topic, but still there remains a mystery of why the app says everything is OK, but still when entering the game, nothing works.

    I would like to make a comprehensive list, how to get it to function with the current titles.
    The http://sensadigit.com/ guides do not always work, and are lacking potential titles that I know some people have managed to get DMPro to work with (based on tube videos).

    If anybody have a list of things to do for any title in the DMPro list of sims, or others that are not directly supported (isimotor/codemaster sims mainly) or any other suggestions how to get it to operate, it would be greatly appreciated.?
  2. Answering to pm here as requested.

    How I got dmpro to work in AMS? Sorry for the anticlimax but I just copied dashmeterplugin.dll and preference.ini from SCE's plugin folder to AMS' one. Afaik there's no need to edit .plr or anything to get it work, I know I've never done so.

    Could it be firewall preventing it to work in AMS for you @Golanv ? I've never need to make any firewall rules for dmpro tho.
  3. After unzipping, I just dumped everything in the plugins folder of AMS and I'm good to go. Check your preferences, your IP address could be set to "false".
  4. Thats exactly what I did, with and without the dmpro folder. I haven't needed to mess with firewall or .plr edit either before. I guess I just have to check everything methodicly, and eventually it'll work.

  5. Yapci


    Does the same version works with rFactor 2 and AMS as they are Isi games? Don't want to spend twice in the same app if it works in both! Thanks!
  6. Yes. Even if the app doesn't say that in the name, the support goes as follows per app:
    1. rF1, rF2, AMS(GSC2013 officially)
    2. AC, pCars
    3. RBR, Dirt Rally, CM F1 201x, Grid
    4. GTRx, Race07, R3E

    I finally got the damn thing to work in AMS. I have mine setup through USB cable/tethering, so changing metrics wasn't the way to go, it was changing binding order from network connections.

    Still can't get Dirt Rally to work. "DashMeterCom communication OK", but ingame... *crickets*.
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