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Porsche Posse (LIVE)

Mods Dash Cam FOV Enable 1.1

Dash Cam Mod (FOV)

  1. Kostya Tkachenko submitted a new resource:

    Dash Cam FOV Enable - Dash Cam Mod (FOV)

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  2. so the interior camera is now fixed to the default FOV? and only the dash cam is affected by the slider?
  3. No, now dash cam has same fov setting as a head cam, changing FOV affects both cameras .
    Nothing changed except that slider now affects a dash cam too, so now we have same FOV for Dash Cam, Head Cam, Bonnet and Bumper Cameras.
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  4. excellent, thanks!
  5. Nice mod! Great work.

    A question, with update 0.9, can this mode be used with the new FOV sliders, Up/down, forward/backwards?

    Or does this only work with the "old" 0.0-1.0 slider?

    Do you understand what I mean? :)
  6. Have tired this mod now. Nice as hell. :)
    But would love to see a option to use the "new" up/down,Back/forward options after v0.9 if its possible to mod like that? I think the dash cam is to "high", would love to lower it a bit to get the realistic view.
  7. I will try tommorow ;)
  8. Great! :)
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