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Skins Dark McLaren Fix Mod 1.0

Skin mod to fix original painting

  1. Alex Werner submitted a new resource:

    Dark McLaren Fix Mod - Skin mod to fix original painting

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  2. i was planning to make actual livery of MP4-29 from a long time ago but seems CM.. i cant understand. is the black silver paint related to Johnny Walker thingy (that might be the reason why they made the preseason livery instead)? they didn't put Johnny Walker on the car before Monaco. ridiculous, and the layout and UV maps of the texture don't give us a chance for the fix.

    despite of that, good job for the fix :thumbsup:
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  3. realitychecked


    They could've used the Melbourne livery, guess they were too lazy or some kind of license deal they had with McLaren.
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  4. sounds like license deal i guess.
  5. So annoyed with Codies for this. Are black side-pods really so much of an issue for them that they couldn't be included? They've managed to get all the cars pretty much spot on in previous years.

    If McLaren let Jenson go in favour of Alonso at the end of the season they'll lose my support anyway. So I guess it won't matter in 2015
  6. Great mod though dude. The silver/chrome paint looks much much better :) Why don't you guys work for Codemasters?

    Who do they have doing the skins? Blind mice?
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  7. realitychecked


    Blame Andrew Watt, the art director. Or the designers.
  8. Can u make a little improvement?i couldn't even open my eyes because of the
    Metal reflector

  9. Hello everyone. I want to say that the cars from 2014 can be inserted in 2013. And so all of the super.:):):):thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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