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Danimal here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Danimal5981, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, my (nick)name is Danimal and even though way in my thirties, in my spare time I take on the virtual world of F1 (or FIFA).

    I have a question I hope someone is willing to answer: as frequently happens within the FIFA-community, do people here post their achievements in the form of a virtual career story, or novel? I see that Araava and Tiametmarduk post movies on Youtube, but does anybody do an "as if" career novel? I'm cycling through all F1 codemasters-games and suddenly thought: "Wouldn't it be nice if I could string this all together, as if I'm one driver building a career in F1 (2012-2015) ?"

    See, I'm not a terribly fast racer, but I'm good with the word and it's still better pastime than killing people.... and it won't be until xmas that I will have a laptop able to deal with f1 2015 decently (now, I have to play in windowed 800x600 mode in very low setting to get some racing pleasure). So, if there is (interest in) such a thing I start in 2012, work my way through the next four games and if well timed, by the time I'd end 2015 season, f1 2016 will be out on the market... But it depends, if this would attract readers within this community; or is this mainly mods, downloads and setups mainly?
  2. John Grant

    John Grant
    Dont Rub me up the wrong way Premium Member

    Hi @Danimal5981 good to hear from you, and welcome, well u are asking a difficult question as there are so many different cultures here, wither all would be interested i can not say. In my opinion its as you said , it all about mods, downloads and setups that interests most, maybe the admin folks will give you an answer, Mean wile enjoy your racing