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Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Baz Cutting, May 21, 2015.

  1. rite guys trying my hardest to actually enjoy this game but cant.my main problem is i aint getting any damage at all even if run into a wall at 100mph i can just drive away with no damage.have checked all the setting on numerous occasions just incase i missed something but everything is how it should be.have unistalled now 3times but still same.getting to the point now that it guna getting unistalled again for good.any ideas would be veri grateful many thx
  2. jimortality


    Obvious question but have you damage set to on/realistic?
  3. yes m8 double checked that a few times.its bugging the hell out ov me.
  4. jimortality


    I see my bonnet get crumpled and i've lost a wheel or 2 plus suspension issues but there must be something you're not switching on somewhere mate
  5. yeh thats what i fought but even had a friend pop round who has the game to check it incase i having a blonde oap moment lol but he couldnt see a problem either
  6. Which car or cars are you using? Some of the cars are more sensitive than others.
  7. i have tried pretty much most ov them and its like playing a arcade game tbh.tonite i was doing a little in the megane and pilled it into a wall on purpose and not even a scratch
  8. Something must be off as I bumped another car in a GT3 race yesterday (using the BMW Z4 GT3) and had reduced top speed from aero damage and my radiator was damaged as well so I had to back off to not overheat the engine.
  9. Very strange ideed. Could it be that host has turned the damage off? I know i had so many times a wheel go off (especially openwheelers), had my aero damaged so it's really awkward to hear you're not getting any damage to MOST of the cars. One ok, but most of the cars??
  10. jimortality


    Is this online or offline?
  11. damage is defo turned on.its in career i been noticing it
  12. William Wester

    William Wester

    There is definitely damage, I have seen it many times but I haven't tried all cars. As others have mentioned some cars more than others.
  13. well i have gone through all the options again this morning and damage set to full damage and flags turned on so nothing has been missed.think its time to jump pcars forum and see what those guys say
  14. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Yep can also confirm damage too. Bonnet crumpled etc etc. Only got to sneeze and I get aero damage. :roflmao:
  15. thats really bloody strange why i not getting any at all,even hitting a wall hard n nothing.
  16. Can you pick a quick race with the Lotus 49 and just use a practice session. Run into the first wall you can at high speed and see if you get any damage?
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  17. ok will try that tonite and post the results
  18. ok well it does work so i guess some cars are built like tanks lol hopefully this will get tweeked in a patch as not realistic.ran the lotus into a wall and lost both front wheels.thanks for the help @Kyle Pearson
  19. The damage model is complete on some cars and nonexistent on others.
  20. yeh am totally seeing that myself mate,thats why i had to ask in the 1st place.lets hope they sort it soon