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Damage modifier question

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by joe pineapples, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Using the old flow.bin file after patch 1.2, but cant remember if I need to copy the loose_parts_settings.txt file, which accompanies the modded xml file :oops: . Also, is it possible to leave my setting of 1.6, but have the AI set to 1.3 ? (they bump into each other a lot more it seems).

  2. You don't need the .txt file, only the converted .xml file for the damage mod to work.

    I believe it is possible to have the AI and player have different values, just edit the values that include AI and Player to 1.6 and the ones that don't include the Player value to 1.3 (like AI and AI, or AI and Immoveable Object)
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  3. Thanks Kevin
  4. Erm :oops: tried to edit the xml file in wordpad but only seeing one instance of the damage value. Is there another editor I should be using?

    joe the noob.
  5. Ignore the above post - think I've sorted *using BinXML.

    Using these settings (to try later)

    <DamageSettings impact_player_immovable_modifier="1.6" impact_ai_immovable_modifier="1.3" impact_player_player_modifier="1.6" impact_player_ai_modifier="1.6" impact_ai_player_modifier="1.3" impact_ai_ai_modifier="1.3" />
  6. Probably easier to convert it first using Fergo BinXML (mods forum down for the moment unfortunately): http://www.mediafire.com/?43943hrdjfbe158

    Change the values, then convert it back.

    Edit: I see you got it working, great :)