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Damage model

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by rkh, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. rkh



    because of tweaking all kinds of other stuff, I hadn't even noticed this more than poor damage model. My gosh, there is no damage on the bikes whatsoever. Makes no sense!! I hardly crash and obviously it is not what you want, but when it does happen it should look realistic. Come on, Milestone patch that as well...or does anyone know how we could change that...hex editor or what not?
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  2. You can't just change something in hex editor so that the bike will look damaged. You also have to draw a template (skin) of a damaged bike, depending on how much you'd like the bike to be damaged. It's not that simple...
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  3. I think he wants a proper model deformation..which rFactor, not really a next gen game, already had when it came out
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  4. Found the same post one in here and steam, almost all the words is same , i'm sure you're the same one who posted it here, posting on hundreds on forum won't work, as said by one of the members in the steam "The damage modeling will be dictated by the license not Milestone. I dont think the MotoGP teams like seeing their bikes trashed!" <-- i agree with what this man said

    EDIT: Figured out you're the same one on the steam
  5. rkh


    you have obviously no clue what you are talking about! It was me that got the personal response from Milestone and I have since been working with them. Congratulations, Sherlock. Read my other post and you would have seen that you figured nothing out. I announced that I am on steam under a certain other username as well as posting Milestone's initial response. But, you're comment amused the hell out of me though, mate.
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  6. "Hi Emren,

    Thank you very much for the sum up.
    It's important for Milestone to let you know that we care about our customers and our products.

    We have already gathered all the feedback our community has submitted here and to our customer support, since day-one.
    Our team is already focused on making a patch on the reported issues.

    We will update you about it as soon as we can release new information.

    Thank you for your support.
    Milestone Team
    The message above, doesn't mean they are working for the damage model, read this again "We have already gathered all the feedback our community has submitted here and to our customer support, since day-one.
    Our team is already focused on making a patch on the reported issues."

    Read that again, please.. that's not a clear evidence they're working on damage model, they only work on the main bugs first as they said(all developers did), and if you expect some damage model, that could make the game bigger than every game exist, it would be around 30gb instead ofb 21gb from now, because the BIKE model needs more material and that will make the model bigger which make the game LAGS, and there will be few people enjoying the game without LAG, for Christ Sake, do you want milestone losing his customers because the game didn't running well, lag or some stutterings and all the blame are on you?
  7. And this, this is a different topic, different discussion, the discussion "DAMAGE MODEL" and i'm replying about the damage model, don't go running offtopic from this topic, the other post you posted just discussing some of the bugs, and i think it's you that saying all wrong
  8. rkh


    you make no sense. im done here....
  9. Alright then, i'm glad you're done
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