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Damage bug?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Klyde Parker, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Occasionally when I leave the garage, during quali, my damage indicator will be on.... not possible if your just leaving the garage.

    Now, during some races, the damage indicator will be lit and bringing up the pit menue will show damage to the front splitter. However, after entering the pits and completeing ALL of the required driver pit actions... nothing happens... no pit clock... no damaged getting fixed... nothing... nada!

    Mutiple pit entries and each fails to fix the damage... so I am guessing this is a bug and there really isnt any damage to fix.

    Anybody else have this happen to them???


  2. Ive never noticed anything, but ive never really payed much attention to my damage indicators upon leaving the pits either.

    Is there an actual vehicle problem or is it just a graphical glitch/readout bug? Does it affect your times/speed in any way like damage should/would?

    Im sure there would be an uproar if it was a common issue.
  3. I've seen this issue too. I think it's just a bug with the indicator and there isn't any actual damage to fix.
  4. me2, sometimes just leaving the pit, the damage indicator is on. But I didn't find that it will affect the lap time, but usually I will press esc to return the pit and come out again.
  5. I've only seen the damage light come on when leaving the pits in an F3000 :rolleyes: maybe it is in anticipation :D
  6. Never happend to me.
    Probably the game sees the future!!!lol
  7. Where is the damage indicator? :ohwell:
  8. Bottom right hand corner under the speedo it is the one with the spanner icon, damage the car and it will show as red :thumb:

  9. LOL! :D