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Dallara IndyCar setups

Discussion in 'iRacing Setups' started by Lars Strijdonck, May 10, 2011.

  1. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Post your Dallara IndyCar setups here!

    Indianapolis by Lars Strijdonck

    I tried to make a base setup but i found it rather daunting task in iRacing :) So many more setup options as i was used to in the old Indy mods.

    Got my own setup to run high 40's and was going backward from there so i did search a bit and found two very nice stable sets for you guys to try/use as a base. I totally forgot who made then and i cant seem to find the forum post again but credits go to a guy call Rik.

    Runs low to flat 40's by yourself without to much effort and the qualy is doing 39's

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  2. Thanks Lars, I'll give them a shot
  3. Here's a quali setup by Ryan Norton. Tested it out tonight for just a few laps and ran a 39.6 by myself.

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  5. Qualy and race setup for Barber

    One is slightly looser,

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  6. Qualy and race setup for Mosport

    Q setup holds the current lap record run by David Kelly3 (Daveyskills)

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  7. Qualy and race setup for Watkins glen Boot/classic boot

    Qualy and race setup for cup/classic

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  8. Some Indy setups.

    Courtesy of Daniel Olszewski, Dennis Neal and Bart E Linton.

    They're faster than fixed, but also more tricky.

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  9. Yoeri, which do you think is the best Indy setup you posted?
  10. If you want to go fast you take Bart's or Dennis' set.

    If you play safe you take Jospehs.

    If you are stupid you take mine.
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  11. Thanks, I'll test them out during the practices RD is hosting for the Indy 500.

    One question, were these made after the NTM came out? Because the Indy car is a lot different since before the NTM.
  12. Yep, all NTM. Though none of them after today's update.
  13. I don't think today's updates changed anything setup wise, just some fixes so that you wouldn't slide around too much if your tyres overheated and the ability to save the car more at a higher speed, in which case the more "daring" setups that are faster might be the ones to consider.

    Edit: I just joined a hosted session testing a couple of these setups, Bart's is fast and not bad to handle; Dennis's is DAMN fast, but has a lot of understeer and if you try to counter that understeer you can get some oversteer. It's a great quali setup though because if you get one clean lap in you're half a second faster than anybody.
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  14. Some more Indy stuff that I have worked on. Both can get you down to 40.0 for about half a stint. I never tested longer than that.

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  15. And another one at about the same speed.

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