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Dallara DW12 Released

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Blkout, May 20, 2014.

  1. Named in honor of the late Dan Wheldon who conducted its initial development, the Dallara DW12 is the spec chassis utilized by the Verizon IndyCar Series. Dallara was selected to supply chassis to the IndyCar Series by a blue ribbon panel of drivers, designers, promoters and administrators as part of the ICONIC Plan (Innovative, Competitive, Open-wheel, New, Industry-relevant, Cost-effective).
    In keeping with the ICONIC principles, the DW12 incorporates a host of features designed to enhance both the competition and safety of IndyCar racing including partially-enclosed rear wheels, a bumper/nerf bar and robust nose wing construction, along with a fixed cost of $349,000 per chassis. In addition, the chassis is intended to support multiple aerodynamic kits, the introduction of which is still pending. Currently, Chevrolet and Honda supply 2.2 liter, turbocharged V6 engines for the DW12. The engines produce up to 700 bhp and are equipped with push-to-pass functions on selected road and street courses.
  2. Tried it on a mate's account... have to say it isn't bad. Could iRacing be on a run of good new cars...?
  3. I have no idea when the last time was you played iRacing, but the tire model has improved a lot lately. :)
    They are improving the sim every 3 months.
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  4. I love iRacing.
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  5. Anyone else doing the Indy 500 ? Currently 18th in qualifying, hopefully I can stay in the Top 33 (top split) until qualifying ends :D
  6. I've been subscribed to iRacing for a fair few years now, and felt I was wasting my money until the Z4 came out. That and the DW12 are the first cars that I've actually felt comfortable in.
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  8. Funny, but clearly a network glitch. I wonder if the driver's wheel was moving the whole time.
  9. Did you run mostly faster cars? The cars on DOT tires, particularly the Mustang and SRF have been good for a while, probably from being less twitchy to start with. I figured once the NTM caught up with the fast cars on slicks opinions would increase quickly.
    No, seems it's something where internal math blows up when high df cars get sent vertical. You can see the car accelerate when it's completely airborne.

    This is what network glitches and netcode look like.
  10. What were the pings in that race? Its not a game glitch, I've been running races since release of multi into the last patch and only have issues against +150 pings. Those pints are the outliers anyway in the year 2014.

    The only issues with collisions in multi for AC right now seems to be momentum doesnt transfer up to the car infront much if you bump them it shoots you backwards a bit it seems.
  11. Don't know, but the intent was not to bash on AC, rather to be an example of what bad lag/netcode looks like versus something in core physics. Just the most recent netcode video I had watched, convenient to grab it.

    If it were netcode, the car would eventually catch up to the local machine. iRacing doesn't do physics server side, don't think anyone does (or if it's even possible).
  12. So instead of showing the cars blinking like christmas trees in iracing as an example you pick the worst clip from a competing game to make your point...interesting.

    And the Mustang in iracing might just be the worst sim-car ever.
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  13. This better?

    This one show both lag and local physics exploding.
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  14. The server had 40ms of ping, all the drivers were between 40-50ms except one guy with 250ms of ping,
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  15. I tried running in every car I could - I own almost all road content. When it came to official racing I ran the HPD and the McLaren the most, because I had the best handle on them. The cars on DOT tyres were, if anything, the worst for me. No feel for anything, I couldn't "place" the car on the track like I can in other sims, and it was always too much or too little steering input. The MX-5 and SRF, even on NTMv5, remain two of the most frustrating sim cars I have ever driven, second only to the V8 Supercar.

    That's why the DW12 and Z4 are such a breath of fresh air for me - I can jump in them and instantly be lapping consistently, and driving in ways that aren't counter-intuitive. I can only hope that future cars and updates to existing ones give me the same feeling.
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  16. To each their own, just shows how much feel for sim cars is personal. I ditched the C-Spec at Oran this week because it was fussy. Within 10 laps I was up to speed and consistent in the SRF at Suzuka East. Aside from being unable to avoid a spinner right in front of me in T2 and then running wide on the last lap trying to make a pass, I was as stable and safe as could be asked for.

    I think regardless, we can see see that there are cars that have been gotten 'right', just getting more of them right more consistently is the goal now (IMO).
  17. Source? Could be any number of reasons that made that happen considering they are hosted on our computers right now. Still have yet to have this issue.
  18. Being a local host seems most likely. Probably not enough processing power to keep up, which is why it looked the way it did. Looked more like skew or bandwidth than ping.
  19. I reported what the author of the video (Robbiexsstar) wrote in Drivingitalia.net
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  20. $6 refund for the Indy 500 dying.