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D1 Racer Drift Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Eholov, May 7, 2010.

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  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Ah yeah, I remember that. I haven't even seen FSR himself in ages..
  3. I was in contact with him over at RSC but dont know if he ever found the way over here. He´s last release was: "Rudskogen_motorpark"
  4. hi guys, is a bit old topic, but hey! i love D1GP mod, and i play it over 4 years xD this mod bringed me to Racer :) i have all cars, and i'am updating them causually :)
  5. fsr


    Hi guys. I'm alive, but the mod is not. I haven't really had time or motivation for any projects lately. I might get back in the game once Racer has reached a more final stage. As for now, it's all just on hold. Sorry about that :)
  6. Thx FSR for your reply :) You are my hero, this mod + Racer become the game of my dreams, no other game can give me that feeling while drifting! offcorse the real life drifting is more awesome, but the Racer+D1GP mod is a close 2nd :D

    I understand you, coz of that buggy newer versions of racer, I can't put my effort on this mod too...

  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yay, nice to see you back! Are you here to stay or just on a visit? ;)
  8. fsr


    Who knows. I still have some unfinished projects, but they've kinda reached a point where I don't have the time, nor the skills, to finish them to the standard I'd like. The two main projects are the RS500 (need an interior and some other touches), and the Rudskogen track (need more terrain/objects). The beta's work well with 0.6.5 though, so I guess I could make them available. I'll think about it ;)
  9. fsr


    You make me blush. I'm not a hero, I just took some unfinished models from DaMotax and Stereo and made some bodykits and textures :)

    Having said that, I'm happy with the mod as it was when released. I think the physics were as good as they could be for Racer at the time. I just wish that Ruud would focus more on physics and less on graphics. Racer looked good enough in 0.5. It still has the potential to be the most realistic sim by far, but stuff like buggy diffs and arbs make it impossible to create a proper drift mod, or any other mod really. It's still better than rFactor etc, but it could be so much more!
  10. Your textures really are a cut above the rest, I still remember your dirty VW van >_>
  11. fsr


    Haha, funny you should mention it, as I just had a look at it yesterday. Still want to finish that and the '66 beetle :)

    Are you still making cars btw? I always enjoyed working on the S13 as the mesh was so clean and accurate ;)
  12. I pretty much stopped for university, just have less time for it. Started one model last summer after my undergrad degree was done, but now I'm working as a research assistant. It eats up a lot of my time.
  13. To put all stuff together it is some work too.. so you made a great job back then :)

    btw, it wasen't dirty, but rusty VW :)

    here it is.. cute exhaust too :)

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  14. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I remember that thing, my thoughts on it were pretty much.. "claaaaasss!" ;)
  15. @bsxvxs. ehm.. bixsvs.. beveessex: nice :)
  16. So guys, don't let the D1GP MOD die, lets share what we got and make some releases maybe? :D
  17. Hi there ! Just learned about this mod.Sad you cannot finish it.Maybe in a while with a more stable release you can finish it ? In any case the cars look great.I would hope to have a stock street version of those cars too....

    Now really you are incredible talented i really hope in the future you decide to finish those cars and a couple of more with their stock versions and a couple of touge tracks.... (Or maybe jump to rfactor 2 perhaps...)
  18. Anyone still have the mod? On the site the file is linked to rsc and it gives a 404. Pm me if you have it!
  19. can any1 link this game...(d1mod for Racer)? non of the links I've tried is working :(. Googled it for about 2.5 hours and nothing =/. or mby if somebody heave it can upload it somewhere.