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Cutting track

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Sele1981, May 18, 2015.

  1. I was pretty happy with the game and after figuring out the FFB settings it felt pretty good. I was driving in Pcars for 10 days now without switching to other sims. But then I drove the M1 Procar Event on Monza, invested over an hour on setting up the car and doing my laps. But then I have seen that the top guys all are cutting corners, without any penalty. So this is an absolute game killer for me and the main reason to go back to IR. I guess SMS will not fix this and as I have heared, you can cut corners on most of the tracks. It is not only about this event, it is about hotlapping in general.

    I am the hotlap guy (only driving multiplayer in IR) and it was damn motivating for me to do this in Pcars since it has official leaderboards, not like in AC with plugins. But as I said, corner cutting, thats an absolute game killer for me. Not sure why they did this not properly.

    EDIT: The Title should have been "Cutting Corners". Sorry.
  2. Just driven Nords with Lotus 49 Cosworth, you can't cut the track at all, lap counter stops immediately if you cut...Unfortunatelly I do not have time to test all tracks atm and this one any better today but with Azure there was also warnings all the time so you cannot cut the track, if you can it's bug or check your settings. Also if Dedicated server settings support track cutting so what can you do, it's not the game it's settings you have, thought??? Lets see but the game is fun eiks je?
  3. ouvert

    Premium Member

    yep, on some tracks you can cut excesivelly, on some you can just run too wide without penalty on some you can`t even put 2 wheels on rumble strip .. should be more consistent ..
  4. I agree, pCARS is not consistent with how it determines (or not) cutting corners. There are some tracks one can run completely off the track and not get penalized and at some tracks getting just 2 tires on the curbs will invalidate a lap. The AI are pretty good at cutting corners at some tracks as well.
  5. ouvert

    Premium Member

    but AI is pretty slow in other corners so it kind of ballace it :p
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