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Cut Track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Martin Weare, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Having some difficulty with the "Cut Track" in AIW.

    If anyone here is familiar with my circuit they'll know that heading North into Coffs along the Pacific Highway, its divided by islands most of the way. These are acurately placed and there are openings to let vehicles turn off etc. Yesterday I noticed someone splitting these gaps to take the inside line on the wrong side of the highway. This is not realistic and very dangerous. Ok if you want to get a second faster in a hot lap but suicidal for a race. So I need to make it impossible to do. I dont really want to put obstacles on the course because its fun to go the other way when flag rules are off and also I intend to make a reverse version at some time. I spent most of yesterday editing the Cut Track corridors and normal corridors but it doesnt seem to make any difference. It is still possible to take the inside lanes without penalty. In theory with flags enabled, which they are and playing as a client on a server, which I was, then it should discard the lap, but it doesnt. I just hope someone else has had similar problems and found a solution.
  2. from memory (which is fading :D), the following might work;
    - add a wall in there
    - start the ISI AIW editor
    - rescan the corridors & save the AIW
    - remove the wall from the SCN file

    good luck with it ;)
  3. Thanks but doesnt help :-(

    I will be adding walls though
  4. This might not help either, but when you make the aiw, you could set the wrong side of the highway to a grass material?
    or wait to see if piddy has any nifty cut tools in his upcoming btb aiw gui [acronym power!] or maybe he'll pop in and let us know... ... ... ... ...
  5. nice idea woochoo, The problem though i think is rfactor only recognises cut track if its an obvious shortcut. eg cutting the roundabouts. If you are driving parallel to the track it doesnt recognise it as a shortcut.
  6. i got a 'cut track' for riding a fence around the -outside- of a flatout kink my track. is about a 2-3m gap between the track and the fence. give it a shot (but don't overwrite your existing current version ofcourse, like can happen sometimes).
  7. just to expand on this idea, i remember a "legal=false" option which i'm pretty sure goes in the TDF file so u can use any material/texture u want and still have it act like grass regarding cut warnings, might be worth a try, gl ;)
  8. ah, sounds promising.