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Custom Track Editor/Maker???

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by IDGam3r, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Hi, who likes the idea of some kind of Track Maker/Editor, i will explain how this would work.

    Using something like Google Maps or some other Map service, a player will select a place in the world to create the track, the editor would then find as much info on the location the user has picked, once the editor has its information, the user would then proceed to make their custom track, such as making the racing line(to be done when testing the track) adding barriers, gravel traps, etc, and even having the option to make custom track where the user wants track(would require space of course). Once the track has been completed the user would be required to test their track once(during this test the racing line of the track will be made), after the track has been tested, they would post their track to some kind of track sharing service, additionally the racing line can be modified withing the game. E.G. Let's say i make a F1 Track in Sydney Australia, and there is a part of the race track that adds 2 seconds to the amount of time it takes to complete the track, another user would have to record(in game record) them racing on the track, the new racing line will essentially rewrite itself to that of the newer and faster racing line set by the previous user, now on the example so lets say the sydney tracks initial lap time is 2 minutes exactly, and a user say completes it in one minute and 50 seconds, that new lap time and the racing line will update based off what the record holder done.

    I know that is one HECK of a job but it would open up a world of endless possibilities, the fans of the F1 gaming community who are creative, can finally share their creativity with others.

    Anyways that's just an idea i thought would be cool for F1 2016.

    Thank you for reading :)
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  2. SK

    Prince with a thousand enemies. Premium Member

    It will never happen with this franchise. One could expect modding, but you will never get a decent modding community for a game that is replaces 12 months later (unlike AC, rF2 and the rF1 clones).
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  3. I don't understand why people say it cannot be done, BECAUSE IT CAN! There is a small game called Pro Cycling Manager, not many people play it, but it has a full on Stage Creator. You make the track online using a website (Forgot the name of it) and it loads the terrain and the route into the game. Then you can add houses, trees etc in it. So it is possible, but Codemasters probably wont make it
  4. Well, think about it. The size fo the database needed for this kinda website.The size of the basic scenery file for X-PLANE 10 is pretty astonishing already and it;s not so accurate.
    I haven't seen any easy track builders though.
    Even if there is , i'd rather believe it's for rF2 or AC.
    Yep there was a tool called Bob's track builder quite a long time ago for maybe F1 Challenge 99-02. Very basic but a pretty way to build a track. i haven't seen any similar tools on rF nor CM Series. If there is , that would be great.
  5. RF Had Bob's Track Builder, most of the tracks used it. Plus some "Pro Modders" use Photoshop and similar stuff to develop the graphics of the track
  6. Yep..I've used this tool before