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Custom Stock V8 Skins in Multiplayer Servers?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Fergus O'Daly, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. So I made some custom stock v8 skins for my friends and I racing team and we all installed them and we are able to play online together and no mismatches occur, but players that join our server run into mismatch problems because they do not have the skins installed. In the Multiplayer.ini file under the [MULTIPLAYER] list of options it has the following line:

    Request Autodownloads="1" // Set to 1 if you want to automatically download files from a server you are joining, if you do not already have them.

    And under the [MULTIPLAYER SERVER OPTIONS] list it has this option:

    Request Autodownloads="1" // Set to 1 if you want to automatically download files from a server you are joining, if you do not already have them.

    I have both of these options set to "1". In this case, 1 would be "enabled" and "0" would be "disabled".

    Do these server option have anything to do with the ability to download custom car skins? If they do, then wouldn't the connecting player need to have his multiplayer options set to... Request Autodownloads="1" ???

    Also, I am a little confused about how to launch a dedicated server since there is no GSC_Dedicated.exe file in my folder. So far I have just been hosting locally from my pc, which works fine, but the server shuts down when I leave the game. So how would I go about running an actual dedicated server so the server will stay running even when there are no connected players?

    Mostly I want to get the custom skins stuff figured out. I worked hard making some skins and it just seems like a shame not to be able to use them and show them off and also let other players join with there own custom skins. Some explanation on how this works would be very much appreciated.
  2. Auto download was never made to work, ISI added the option into the settings but never finished it. This is why most leagues use a sync tool to distribute mods where the sims use the gmotor2 engine.
  3. So there is no possible way to use a custom car skin without everybody having mismatch files? All connecting users would have to first download and install the custom skin correctly and then join? Is it safe to assume that - this is how it works in league races? It seems a total shame that there is no ability to simply enable a server setting to allow custom car skin downloads/uploads. If there is a server tool that can do this that works for game stock car, I would love to know what it's called and where to get it. I'm guessing not. From what I've learned so far from the little research I've done, this game is basically mod proof. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Thanks for your input Simon. I'm slowly figuring out what this game can and cannot do, but I wish I could learn more - faster. One of the key elements found any game that can determine whether a game is good or great is... the ability to apply personal customizations.
  4. Simsync
  5. You can add skins to a current car but creating a "SKINS" folder inside where the car is, dropping the DDS's in there. Then open up game, find the car and change the default livery in the skins tab. It doesnt cause a mis match as people that dont have the skin installed would just see the stock skin.
  6. Thanks Ivo, I'm trying to figure Simsync right now.

    Simon, that makes sense. I'll do what you suggested for now.