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Custom specular map with custom skin?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Jeff Dobbing, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if its possible to include a custom specular map with a custom skin like you can with the windows, rims etc.. ??

    Reason I ask is you could create some metallic effects on the paint if this is possible to do.
  2. Each skins contains a unique alpha channel. The alpha will be editable in the templates once they're out. I hope to get the Templates for all Unleashed models out with the patch.
  3. Thanks for the response Gavin. I understand the alpha channel controls the "glossiness" of the paint job, but I was wondering if its possible to also add a custom specular map (body_S.dds). This would give you the option of metallic and two tone paint(not sure if thats the correct name for it). A good example of 2 tone paint is like this TVR:

  4. You can make changes to the spec map of the car, but when you apply it to 1 car, it is applied to all cars that use a texture named the same on track. It works fine on the spinner though, just not on track.

    That paint should be best done with a custom shader, to get the best results.
  5. ok, Thx Kevo. I didnt think you could include it with a custom skin, that just confirms it.
  6. You can achieve that pearl effect by using the DDS mip maps.
  7. Hey Doug.. Can you write a quick tutorial on how to do this for the community. I'm sure there is more than 1 person who would love that effect on their league cars.

  8. That would be great if you could find the time for a quick tutorial.
  9. To save time I pinch this from somewhere else but it's the basic idea. The end result can depend on the shaders used.

    Good to kick this off with what's probably just overlooked trick potential but here we have it.

    1st, the mipmap works a little unexpectedly (to me) but here it is: Up close, the car is actually using 3 separate images. I figured games would just use one image size mapped to the car depending on the distance but no.

    So to prove this visually, I just slapped 2 seperate colors back and forth. I loaded a skin image with 'show mipmaps'. (Anyone who hasn't, try it, and for photoshop users, I've no clue how but somebody can reply with that answer.) You will see the original skin size and progressively smaller images to the side. As this image shows, I just put color squares over them and saved (use existing mipmaps) and it keeps those smaller images instead of generating them from 1 large image as we usually do.

    For the record, this looks really freaky in action... you could actually have animated fire becauase there are technically 3 seperate images on the car and it only needs to move like 1/2 a car length and it'll blend the next smaller image into the furthest edge and the closer ones step up to the nearest part of the car.

    So yeah, my first test was with an image like this,
    which results in a car like this.

    And one like this-
    ends up like this:
    Basically these are quickly thrown together for testing, but tweaking the effect to taste will require your own tests with colors that match what you're doing. For instance, I had my #48 car painted but the navy blue looked faded under the simulated lighting, or whatever the cause could be. So I used a navy blue for the largest image and the smaller images all have an almost black color. Made the blue deep and rich and less faded.

    The key word there is 'deep' cuzz with this trick you can give your colors depth unlike anything possible by any other means. You can make full-coverage color changes or experiment with any ideas you can dream up. For pearl, I would actually go with partial coverage like edges and corners. I've yet to try out too many things but Im really interested in seeing what people could come up with. We'll probably need video or a link to a skin to drive around with to view in a replay so see the full effect in motion.

    So far, my only real 'progressive' (I just chose that term) use is my Avril car with the flake paint. To get it to stay 'Pink' for a greater distance... I had to make the first 2 sections pink, the 3rd (purple) would show up on the far edge of a car about a carlength and 1/2 away maybe, something like that?

    Make your template to the following sizes. Then pasd over your existing mip map. After changes are made to colors.
    Mip Level
  10. That is awesome, had no idea you could do that kind of stuff just with mip maps. :)