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Custom Skins

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by MyHolden#11, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Hey, I really enjoy V8factor unleashed :) but it still mite b a while till seasons 2004/05/07/08/09 get released so if anyone has any of custom skins that they have made from those seasons it would be pretty cool if u could upload them like on rfactorcentral? thanks
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  2. yes thanks mate......would it be possible if you can do james moffat car for the late rounds of the championship or r you just doing th enduro rounds?
  3. i could give the Moffat Car a shot, and the johnson car too ill give u a link wen there finished
  4. I Have uploaded the #17/18 Car Skins and please do remember wen the new patch comes out from ORSM make sure u delete the ones i have given you :) thanks
  5. Wa??? There another 2011 patch?
  6. im pretty sure? with the Enduro skins
  7. Or unless is a 2012 patch....
  8. enduros are planned..
  9. Is this patch going to display the tyre correctly? And r u doing 2012 skins with it
  10. btw theres new skins on rfactor centrel
  11. hey holden11 i see u have scott macclauhins ford? do u have it in the bf and fg? and if so plz upload
  12. I don't want to take anything away from you MyHolden#11 but I believe that I have seen these skins that you "completed" before. I am referring to the Bathurst skins just being copy and paste jobs that were originally completed by OzAndys US Mate for the FVR Factor V8 mod for rFactor. A couple of them that I have scrutinised have even had the small mistakes that OzAndys US Mate had made (missing pixels etc.) you have transferred these over to the skins that you have released for V8 unleashed.
  13. Each round of the 2011 season (Abu Dabi - Sydney) has been skinned and is sitting on the ORSM server waiting to be tested, packaged and released. Hopefully this wont take too much longer. The 2012 season hasn't even started, with the exception of the IWIN SBR car I haven't seen a single livery revealed yet. Therefore the 2012 skins will be some time coming.
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  14. Hey um with the Abu dhabi Craig lowndes skin I noticed in there patch I mean v8fu1.1 it has red on the sides of the bottom of the spoiler where as in real life it actually had all black for lowdnes then you have the correct livery with jw
  15. Is it like that in every picture that you can find?

    A lot of times a car will have minor changes over the race weekend
  16. um i seen that in the 2011 v8 highlights
  17. They ran the black splitter on lowndes during practice and maybe during qualifying. Both races they ran the red one. We're going to stick with the red.
  18. Really because I justed rewatched the Abu dhabi races in th highlights n lowdnesy car had only black splitter oh well