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Custom Series Skin Request

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by matt18333, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Hi I was just wondering if someone would be able to make 2 skins from past V8supercar seasons for the CustomSeries mod? I know its abit of a big ask but if anyones interested in taking up the challenge I'd be very greatful

    #4 Stone Brothers Racing: Marcos Ambrose/Russell Ingall 2003 shared endurance scheme

    #34 Garry Rogers Motorsport: Garth Tander 2003 (1 pic is of VX but still same just start of season before VY upgrade)

    Cheers guys 04-Autos-al-limite-V.jpg 18123.jpg Crop_4 Ambrose-1728.jpg Tander AGP 03-HMS.jpg 7863727924_f9f05f2ba4_o.png #4 Rear.png Tander 03 rear.png
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  2. I could give them a shot, I have templates Ford BA/BF and FG. Holden VE/VY and VZ. what ones are needed for the skins ?
  3. Both are already done here but their on the BA and VY. The CustomSeries uses only the FG and VE so I'd guess it's them the liveries are wanted for.
  4. Sorry should have added that, was after FG/VE :) After seeing some of the older season skins on the new models thought these would look nice and be a good addon to the Unleashed CustomSeries Mod.
  5. made a start on both cars:

    not to sure on some of the sponsors (outlined in green) so any help on those

    just to be sure:
    Holden number 34, Tander on windows ?
    Ford number 4, ingall on windows or ingall and ambrose ?
  6. Looking good so far mate! :D
    #34 Tander on windows
    #4 Ambrose & Ingall like you have done already on the windows but Ambrose has AI driver seeing #4 is his normal car.

    Going off what I can make out and some googling I've come up with the following sponsors

    As to sponsors on the #34 car
    (Above Number 34) Netspace and Holden logo.
    (Rear Windows) Network Ten and Foxsports
    (Front Splitter) Browne & Co

    Sponsors on the #4 car
    (Rear Window) Network Ten and Foxsports
    (Under dunlop on front guard) SMINT
    (Under ford logo on front guard) V8 Supercars logo
    (Above number 4) Bob Jane Tmarts
    (Side Skirts *Starting from the left*) Coretech.com.au * Comp Cams * 4CD Print * PPG *
    SP Tools.
  7. Ohh and #34 side skirt is Chicago Pneumatic
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. :confused: Only just occurred to me that it's Pirtek oneside Havoline the other..... *mind blown* lol. can see the much finer detail but a thing like that just flows on by
  10. o.k Matt thanks, yes just noticed that pirtek rt side havoline left
    and thanks Doug for the pic very helpful.
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  11. Great job mate, cars look awesome!:thumbsup: Thanks a bunch!
  12. [​IMG]
    Of cause the cummins on the front of both cars are accurate. It just depends on the round the livery is depicting.
  13. Doug,
    off topic, but tyres using the Custom Series, was under the impression you could give the AI any tyre you choose ?, can`t seem to get it to work.
  14. That's really a question for Still-Bacon. He was the programer for this stuff. But yeah, it was supposed to use what you choose as I understood it. I'll have a look and see if I can find anything.
    You have looked in the upgrades I'm guessing?

    The point of the Community section and why the CustomSeries was built, was to allow leagues to create their own season schedule without the track config stopping the choice of tyres and tank size from getting in the way. Tho it seem this part of the mod has been overlooked and most have just added their league drivers/liveries to a season. No idea why? You can't say it was easier. That's crap! There's no difference. The CustomSeries was to prove that plus you could use any of 6 models were as with the seasons their restricted to the cars that ran in that year.
    Anyway, getting way off topic now.

    With the CustomSeries you can add any of the 6 models just by setting up a veh ini file from that car that's in the Community section. The cars are there, they just need assigning to a team. Simple enough.
  15. Ok, let's see if I can explain this so people can understand.

    Currently in the upgrades ini there are 4 tyre compounds. The upgrades are more for physics, not textures.
    The paintable tyrewall is the only tyre entry that shows a different naming. So you can custom paint a tyre texture. The down side is this texture will only show on your car and worse, It wont show right when the tyre is rotating because rFactor uses 4 textures for each tyre type. 00= standing (This is the one you see on the spinner) 01= Standing (On the track, in the pits) 02 & 03 are blurred to a degree. 03 more then 02 for obvious reasons.
    Anyway. To change the texture on the tyre these 4 elements would need to be applied. Which would be as a upgrade but it would only work on the car that has the upgrade set for it. Meaning, To get all the cars showing that texture, all would need that upgrade set. Now this would work if all cars were being used by people in a online server. Would the AI changed still retain the upgrade? No, I doubt it. Reason is they would default back for the AI.

    Let's see if I can explain why this happens.
    I'll use a visual thing that you can see it happen to. The rims. You know you have a choice of rims right? Well you can choose a set of rims, Assign them and they will stay on the car for you on track. "But" If you choose to use a different car, the rims on the first car will default back to the ones set for that car as default.
    To have as a upgrade tyre texture sidewalls the AI would always default back. The only way to set any upgrade as default is to have it as the first upgrade in the upgrades ini. This is how the cars have different Rims, Exhaust and fuel inlets in some cases.

    So without going into it any deeper, No you can't change the tyre texture on all cars from one type to another at a wim. It can be done in say the Custom_Series as a default tyre wall, Yes but then your stuck with that texture only on all AI.

    You can do all sorts of things to the car your using, But only that car and as long as you use it. As soon as it becomes a AI, all upgrades are default back to original determine be the upgrades ini.

    I hope this makes sense.? It is hard to write stuff like this that doesn't just confuse people more.. :unsure::)
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  16. think I got it Doug, moving it to the first upgrade does work, so thanks for the explanation.
  17. I have a custom skin request myself if anyone wants to give it a go? Im a fan of the Dunlop Series and theres a few liveries i really like, and would be awesome if someone could make them as ive tried myself and it didn't turn out very well.

    1184841_10152318044199824_563842057_n.png 1980109_621411691280095_328930816_o.jpg 10245380_618162141591624_697691367_n-590x393.jpg 1658667_603164863104778_2114519267_o.jpg 20140227_155329__65O6208.jpg

    Cameron Waters' FPR Falcon and Fredrik Lestrups Pacific Hoists Commodore



    A lot of Pictures of these cars in links above.

    If someone wants to give it a crack it would be awesome! Cheers
  18. coming soon:
    Cameron Waters' FPR Falcon and Fredrik Lestrups Pacific Hoists Commodore
    can`t start until Tuesday, away for the weekend.
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  19. Really appreciate it mate! looking forward to it