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Custom seasons - it is possible

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nick Deeley, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Go to Grand Prix, then when selecting the tracks, press enter, and it'll appear on the right, then select another track for race 2, another for race 3 etc etc..then press down, and then it'll say "Custom seasons. Race 01/xx <track name>"

    Enter, and away you go!
  2. Interesting. And it's possible to make seasons using, for example, just Spa, Monaco & Brasil? (18 times repetly)

    I don't understand the <Track name> feel. And the driver, iit's ya or the real pilot (that u choose when enter's grand prix?)

    Grtz, man, good discovery ^^.
  3. Yeah, you can have 19 races all at Spa if you want, and you use your name, as opposed to the real drivers name.

    "Custom seasons. Race 01/xx <track name>" - the xx and <track name>, will be replaced by whichever track your looking at. So if you chose Melbourne as the 10th race out of 14 races, it would read

    "Custom seasons. Race 10/14 Melbourne"

    I think its only the one season though, - and I haven't ran it to see if it increases your reputation either.

  4. It's a great idea anyway, and a fast mode to start with big teams =) Well, if u finish that season, post about the rep ^^.

    If works for Rep, will be AWSOME. hehehe
  5. it doesn't affect carrer/reputation, it's the same as doing a quick gp for the lulz.

    btw, it took me 2 minutes of browsing through menus to learn this was possible, it's nothing like a big secret, lol. i prefer standard career though.