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Misc Custom Post-Processing Filter by GTAce 4

A balanced and more realistic PP filter

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    Custom Post-Processing Filter by GTAce - A balanced and more realistic PP filter

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  2. looks awesome gonna try this out soon.. thanks
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  3. Hi, the video preview is really nice. I think overall it has a very good look but I wonder if you are able to bring out more brightness on daylight with the clear skies, that is the only fault that stands out from your preview. Cheers :).
  4. Fantastic job, very, very good...
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  5. Thanks guys!
    Maybe you need to try it in-game, because I think it's bright enough.
    More brightness, or even exposure and the image quality would suffer too much.
    If you still think it is too dark, I might look into it again.

    Thanks for any feedback by the way, I definitely want to improve it as much as I can.
  6. That's the thing, I am basing my assumptions on how a bright sunny day around 11-14pm look like, when there's no protection from the sun there shouldn't be such strong shadows on the sides still receiving a good amount of exposure :).

    I will be downloading it , I have been caught up with GTP in NR2003 (littering youtube) and it's been difficult to walk away :p.
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    Completely reworked!

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  8. From the description above...
    It's outdated though, my "Project CARMEN" graphics mod is the evolution of it.