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Custom Made Cockpit

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Nathan Robinson, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. I've had my race setup hooked up to our second living room TV for a while now. It's always been kind of in the way. The playseat evo is easy to move but with all the wires i have, it really wasnt that easy so we'd always be tripping over it come movie night. I've had the extra space and decided to make a single unit out of the way. This keeps the wife happy and gets me doing something that I love to do, build things from scratch. I work in the trades field so I have plenty of tools and boards handy. I started out building a base floor.[​IMG]

    On the floor I drew a mockup of what I wanted it to look like. I used my playseat for rough dimensions and got an idea. Then it was time to make a frame of my vision.[​IMG]

    Yesterday I took my wife on her first trip to a junkyard to find a seat. She was very goodl in helping me spot cars that may have a decent seat and I ultimately settled for this one from a 90's mitsubish eclipse. A little scrubbing and it came out pretty nicely.
    I also picked up a roll of cheaper gray carpet and installed that to the floor.

    Once the carpet was installed I temporarily mounted the wheel to get the right seat placement and then bolted the seat to the floor. You can see my wife trying to get her 15 minutes of fame in the top left, epic fail :p

    Now it was time to sturdy it up and frame up for the clubsports. After a search of google I found that inverting them was quite easy so I took the pedals apart and made them ready for inverted mounting.

    With this finally in place I measured a piece for the side panel and painted it white.[​IMG]

    Then I traced a line around the frame on a piece of board for the top piece and painted it black. I didnt have enough wood to do the whole span, so I temp mounted some 2x6's to hold the tv so that I can use this thing while i'm working on it.[​IMG]

    I have a button box that I custom made and I'm going to take that apart today and mount it on a new piece of wood to be installed in the dash area. Got a bit more to do as well and will update as I go along :)
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  2. I tore apart the box and made a new plate. Then I mounted the buttons and screwed the pcb's to the backside of the board. This unit was created from an old flightstick, thats why there are so many pcb's. [​IMG]

    I screwed on this piece and then custom fab'd a piece of black wood to slot in the dash area and hold the steering wheel.

    Now all that is left is trim work to hide seams and stuff and I have to paint the rest of the top part black. I eventually plan on putting triple monitors on it, adding a frex sequential, and maybe a tachometer. I'll post more as I go along :)
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  3. That looks awesome! Great job!
  4. wow, that is awesome :D