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Custom Livery Help

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by subiefan4, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. HI,

    I'm new to custom skin making so go easy on me.

    The problem I have is with exporting skins. Most tutorials use photoshop while I'm using GIMP. I believe GIMP has slightly different exporting options than photoshop (even though they're probably the same). This is where I'm lost at. What settings do I use?

    Here's a screenshot of the .dds exporting options.
    I have messed with it and gotten some of the shaded areas un shaded and messed with the settings to what I thought might be correct according to guides.

    Here's how it looks when I import the .dds back into Ryder's pssg editor.
    I believe I am not exporting it correctly as it just shows the sti logos not the full skin.

    Also while I'm here does anybody have experience editing dashboards and is tire lettering possible?
  2. Compression: DXT5 for files with transparency or alpha channel (like windows) DXT1 for the rest.
    Generate mipmaps and don't forget to merge all layers before exporting to .dds.
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  3. Thanks so much..
    It looks like my problem was I didn't merge layers.