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Custom Helmets Pack

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by glight, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. A collection of various custom helmets for the career driver! All of them are done by ML2166 unless stated otherwise

    **Updated 08/01/2012**

    Gen02: Custom Monster helmet
    Gen03: Mercedes
    Gen04: Mercedes by SK Racing
    Gen05: Redbull
    Gen06: Mclaren
    Gen07: Redbull #2
    Gen08: Ferrari
    Gen09: Lotus
    Gen10: Force India
    Gen11: Toro Rosso
    Gen12: Renault Orion by Rigel
    Gen13: Renault Carbon by Tadhg MacConeely
    Gen 19: Redbull Tribal Tattoo
    Gen22: Ken Block



    Thanks to ML2166, Rigel, SK Racing and Tadhg MacConeely for the helmets (and for letting me put this together)

    - fixed an issue with the frontend/b_nonpersistent.pssg file that caused savegame corruption

    v2.0 (27/12/2011)
    - added Redbull Tribal Tattoo by ML2166 (Gen19)
    - First attempt at modding the helmet menu!

    v1.0 (10/12/2011)
    - first initial release
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  2. Thank you
  3. mydriaz


    Than you, I lost some of them :)
  4. Thanks to you and the authors, very nice pack indeed!
  5. Thank you! I did notice that custom blue one is coming a Monster Energy Helmet
  6. @NAPA15toyota: fixed

    I will be adding ML2166's Redbull tribal helmet to the next update, I will also try to mod the helmet menu so you don't need to memorize or use the readme.

    Thanks for the comments guys
  7. Updated!

    -Added Redbull Tribal Tattoo helmet by ML2166 (Gen 19)
    -Modified the helmet menu so you don't need to memorize the readme. I am not an artist so the menu is just a generic relabel of which helmet is which. I did manage to change helmet19 to the proper texture, I will try to do this for the rest of them if I find out how to do this (anyone who knows please help).
  8. So it is a custom blue helmet now?
  9. no? guess I didn't fix the readme file. The description in the OP is the correct one.
  10. can we also get the psd files of these helmets? that would be great. :)
  11. lante92, I don't have any psd's. You could try contacting the helmet's authors though.
  12. okay! thanks anyway!
  13. Updated! No new helmets just fixed a (very) strange bug in the b_nonpersistent.pssg file (menu file) that was causing me savegame corruption.
  14. Can you post images? Thanks.
  15. can someone make valentino rossi helmet?.
  16. Does anyone have the original b_nonpersistent.pssg file? I foolishly forgot to back mine up, and the game crashes when it tries to load my save file now :(
  17. The problem with the first version of the modded helmet menu was that the game would crash when exiting a race session and returning to the main menu. I fixed this in the latest version of the mod and have not had an issue on my game since.

    Nevertheless here is the original you're looking for http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?i8brd64745lnd67

    Though the true problem with your game's autosave may be due to the flow.bin from patch 1.2. You (and everyone else playing with mods) should be using the original flow.bin http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?l2xlljrrrz2cri2
  18. Thanks! I re-installed shortly after my post, then re-installed the helmets without your .pssg file and its running great :)