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Custom DTM wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by DiogoCapitão, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. Buttons added to the test timber
  2. lopsided


    Very nice Diogo. I believe we are going to see even more creativity and custom wheels as more people begin using direct drive systems. Very nice to see the talent and ideas in the community.

  3. Thanks lopsided :)

    New Update
  4. I can make a shifter, done that in a previous steering wheel with momentary button.
    But wanted to know if the FANATEC can sell the shifter formula1 individually.
    someone can help me?
  5. lopsided


    Diogo, I would think you'd be able to find a set from a fellow sim racer if Fanatec doesn't offer them. I know a couple of guys who have upgraded their Fanatec F1 shifters with the pricier Ascher Shifters so there are bound to be some spare parts out there. ;)
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  6. if the FANATEC do not sell shifter.s or if they ask too much for them and for the price that ascher asks for it will try to make an identical mechanism for my :)
    but it will take some time until it makes in conditions.
  7. P#rnwheel update :laugh:

  8. Only test
  9. i though i was the only person that used nuts for spacers. ha

    wheel is really cool wish i had the computer knowledge to do something like this, i just have one question why havent you painted the handles yet? looks like your holding 2 bratwurst or something which makes me grin everytime i check this thread.
  10. It was a great adventure this wheel, used nuts as you can see.
    I do not care if that makes that way or another. :)
    work on carbon fiber was so difficult for me, had never work with this material, I had many difficulties and were several failed attempts to make carbon fiber smooth and brilliantly.
    but as I am not one to give up and continued.
    I will more than a year who was dating a simply magnificent and the wheel of audi dtm, and decided to risk it and try to make one myself.
    just use fiberglass and carbon, this wheel weighs grams !!!
    I could have gone all wrong, but with time and a lot of patience I was doing my dream project :)
    I hope that with this project more people can risk doing your own steering wheel
    as to the color will look still like the color contrast.
    unique and perfect, art that sometimes can not be bought, not to the commercial value for my wheel.
    several have asked me to do, but unfortunately this will remain a single copy :)